Bella Campos, the Muda de Pantanal, shows ‘before and after’ the gingivoplasty surgery and surprises: “Shocked”

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Bella Campos plays Muda, a character from the nine o’clock soap opera, Pantanal

Bella Campos underwent gingivoplasty to correct her smile
© Reproduction/[email protected]Bella Campos underwent gingivoplasty to correct her smile

Bella Camposthe seedling wetland, has had the greatest success with the character in the new nine o’clock soap opera. The partnership with Juma (Alanis Guillen) has yielded great events in the plot and recently, the young woman had a direct participation in the death of the pawn Levi (Leandro Lima) and everything indicates that the story of the avenger is far from over.

This Friday (17th), Bella went to Instagram to show the result of the surgery gingivoplasty, a surgical procedure that increases the shape of the teeth. In the post, the actress released the images from four years ago, when she made the change and made a comparison with the present day.

‘This process started in 2018, we did gingivoplasty, put in contact lenses, in addition to other small corrections. But it was so natural, so harmonious with my face that even I don’t remember this modification. It doesn’t look like I have a lens. shocked’, said Bella Camposin video.

fields also detailed how the old smile bothered her and how the change rescued her self esteem. It was what bothered me the most. The small tooth made me look like a child and I was already 20 years old’, she declared, who received several compliments.

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