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Truck driver Márcio Eduardo complains about price parity with the dollar (photo: Jair Amaral/EM/DA Press)
The new adjustment in the prices of diesel and gasoline at refineries caused many complaints among consumers in Belo Horizonte. Truck driver Márcio Eduardo, 46, was already aware of the increase. “That’s not right. We receive in reais, and this parity with the dollar harms not only truck drivers but also the average consumer. After all, supermarket prices are also high, which affects everyone,” he said.

“Our crude oil, so we sell it abroad and buy it fine to refine here in Brazil. So we sell it for a certain amount and buy it again at a higher price. It is the final consumer who suffers the most, as these values ​​are passed on to other sectors”, he added.

Owner of a path, Eduardo explains that, if it were not added to other companies, the value would make it difficult to continue his work. “If the whole set were mine, unfortunately I would have to pass on this value. Five months ago I was able to make my one-way trip for R$900, and today it takes R$1,200, that is, R$300 more. Putting this value also on the return, the addition of R$ 600, this is very complicated, because the value of the freight has not increased. It affects the lives of my whole family,” he pointed out.

According to him, if the situation persists, he will not be able to keep his work. “There will come a time when we will have to stop. And sometimes that doesn’t mean leaving the road on the road or congesting it, but rather leaving the vehicle at home. The carriers won’t care, because if we need to, we’ll go to their doors and won’t let anyone out. I don’t want to stop, neither do my friends. We want to work and ‘do our own’ with honesty, not only on the part of the truck drivers, but on the part of politics as well. We want to work with dignity,” he emphasizes.

The self-employed Gustavo Carvalho, 42, recently changed his car, which now runs on diesel. “The values ​​are abusive, it is the population that suffers the most. I live outside BH and I need to be in the city every day, so this issue of commuting is more complicated for me. The trend will not improve, but will always get worse,” he protested.

Alexandre Grassi, post manager
Alexandre Grassi, station manager, is already waiting for a new order with increased values (photo: Jair Amaral/EM/DA Press)

The manager of the Mutuca Post, in Nova Lima, in Greater BH, Alexandre Bossi Grassi Ferreira, 27, pointed out that the readjustment has not yet been carried out on the spot. “Usually, when Petrobras announces the adjustment, the amount charged the next day. So, the order placed today will already come with the new announced value. From that, it depends on the post when that cost is passed on,” he explained.

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