Bolsonaro wants CPI to investigate Petrobras management: ‘Inconceivable readjustment with exorbitant profits’ – News

President Jair Bolsonaro said this Friday (17) that he will propose the opening of a CPI (Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry) to investigate irregularities in the management of Petrobras. The statement was given on the same day that the state-owned company announced a new increase in fuel prices.

“I talked just now, a few minutes ago, with Arthur Lira [presidente da Câmara dos Deputados]. He is currently meeting with party leaders, and our idea is to propose a CPI to investigate the president of Petrobras, its directors and also the administrative and fiscal council,” Bolsonaro said during an interview with a radio station in Natal, Rio de Janeiro. Great North.

“Because we want to know if there’s something wrong with their behavior. Because it is inconceivable to grant an adjustment with the fuel up there and with the exorbitant profits that Petrobras is making”, he continued.

The state-owned company announced that it will readjust the price of gasoline and diesel for distributors starting this Saturday (18). With the update, the average sale price of gasoline will rise from R$3.86 to R$4.06 per liter – a 5.2% increase. The value of diesel will rise 14.3%, from R$4.91 to R$5.61 per liter.

With the mandatory blend of 73% gasoline A and 27% anhydrous ethanol for the composition of gasoline sold at service stations, Petrobras’ share of the price for drivers will increase from R$2.81, on average, to R$2, 96 for each liter sold at gas stations. It is the first fuel adjustment in 99 days.

“The most important thing is to change the president and directors of Petrobras. We hope to be able to do that in the next few days because it doesn’t depend on a pen from the minister, it has to negotiate with the council, an inconceivable thing. When something goes wrong at Petrobras, they charge me and the Minister of Mines and Energy. Today we are not in a position to interfere in these Petrobras issues. The CPI is the way,” Bolsonaro said.


President Bolsonaro said that Petrobras managers betray the Brazilian people at the time of a crisis that was not caused by Brazil, which is the result of the war between Russia and Ukraine. “It is a betrayal of the Brazilian people. So the president of Petrobras, its directors and its board betrayed the Brazilian people. Petrobras’ profit is something that no one can understand. It’s something stupid,” he said.

Bolsonaro said that the company does not respect what is provided for in the State Law by not fulfilling its social function and not thinking about the well-being of the population. The representative also mentioned the company’s profit of R$ 44.5 billion, recorded in the first quarter of this year.

“It earns six times more than the average for oil companies around the world. Oil companies outside Brazil have reduced their profit margins precisely to meet the needs of their population at a time of crisis. Because this is all the fruit of a war far from Brazil,” she said.


This morning, Bolsonaro said that Petrobras “may plunge Brazil into chaos” with the rise in fuel prices. The statement was given by social media on the same day that the state-owned company announced the readjustment.

“Petrobras could plunge Brazil into chaos. Its president, directors and advisers are well aware of what happened with the truckers’ strike in 2018 and the disastrous consequences for Brazil’s economy and the lives of our people,” Bolsonaro said.

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