Botafogo tries to identify CT invaders and seeks punishment: ‘People have to bear the consequences’, says Mazzuco

After registering a report, Botafogo is trying to identify the members of an organized crowd that invaded the CT of Espaço Lonier last Wednesday morning, intimidating players who were undergoing treatment and threatening employees. Executive director of football at the club, André Mazzuco spoke about the current stage of the investigations.

– We had a closed gate, which, to be opened, the staff hired an employee of ours. We are in the process of identifying all the people who participated in this invasion. We have a characterization of organized supporters, but it is worth remembering that they are members of an organized group, it cannot be generalized, but that does not prevent us from identifying and taking the measures that we deem to be appropriate. This cannot happen again and people have to bear the consequences – said Mazzuco to “Seleção SporTV”.

– It is a very difficult topic for us to discuss. Botafogo’s first attitude was to protect its athletes and employees, an immediate and protective action to prevent this from perpetuating. We did not consider a demonstration, because it was an invasion of private property, with a threat to our athletes and employees who were in our CT – stressed the leader.

After a troubled morning, the players arrived to train in the afternoon and many got out of their vehicles to talk to the fans, already with police and reinforced security. Mazzuco explained how was the process to soften the environment and prepare the team for the game against São Paulo, won by Glorioso by 1 to 0.

– The athletes gave themselves a lot in relation to what we put for them. There was a sense of protection, we stopped this situation because we had an important game the very next day. We were successful in the sense of reorganizing the environment and preparing everyone for the important match that we had yesterday – said Mazzuco.

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