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Understand the plot in 1 minute

Understand the plot in 1 minute

Clarice is the successful, well-born businesswoman, director of Siderúrgica Gusmão, who turns up dead in Lagoa, and the police conclude it was suicide.

In ‘Cara e Coragem’, Taís Araujo plays her first double role: the look-alikes Clarice and Anita — Photo: TV Globo/Sergio Zalis and João Cotta

Anita is a lookalike of Clarice, a popular massage therapist, common people, who struggle to survive, and who, little by little, shows that she knew the rich woman.

First is the reaction of the massage therapist, who is shaken by being seen by Samuel (Alejandro Claveaux) on the street and runs away. The fisherman, the last one to be with the businesswoman before she turns up dead, sees her and screams for Clarice.

Spoiler Alert #17 - Samuel sees Anita on the street and calls her Clarice

Spoiler Alert #17 – Samuel sees Anita on the street and calls her Clarice

The girl even has nightmares about the scene.

Want another clue that Clarice and Anita knew each other?

In ‘Cara e Coragem’, Dalva (Carol Portes) finds the flower-shaped brooch in Anita’s (Taís Araujo) things — Photo: TV Globo

As if it wasn’t enough for the massage therapist to have a matching orange suit on sale – or was it the same? -What the businesswoman wore on the day of her death, Anita has a flower-shaped brooch similar to the rich woman’s.

tricky puzzle

Anita receives a visit from Dalva (Carol Portes), who came to see jewelry to be placed at the thrift store.

“They’re in this big box. But not all of them I want to sell, no. There’s something there that I use”, says Anita.

Dalva finds a piece wrapped in a piece of red velvet. She opens it, sees the flower-shaped brooch and is delighted.

In ‘Cara e Coragem’, Dalva (Carol Portes) is impressed by Anita’s brooch (Taís Araujo) — Photo: TV Globo

“Wow, what a beautiful thing, we can get some money on this brooch”, attests the owner of the thrift store, soon stopped by Anita, who takes the piece from her friend’s hands:

“Are you crazy? This is a real jewel. See if I’m going to get rid of it? She’s an only child.”

“I earned this jewel. I won. And whoever gave it to me doesn’t matter to you”, she concludes.

In ‘Cara e Coragem’, Anita (Taís Araujo) reacts when talking about her flower brooch, the same as Clarice’s (Taís Araujo): ‘I deserved it’ — Photo: TV Globo

The scenes will air in this Saturday’s chapter, 6/18, of Cara e Coragem.

18 June


Pat thinks about how to approach Andréa Pratini. Dalva sees the flower-shaped brooch just like Clarice’s on Anita’s jewelry. Lou argues with Joca. Andréa dispenses with Pat’s work as a stuntman on the recording of the commercial, and Moa is worried. Olivia scolds Joca for her behavior with Lou. Baby reports on Duarte to Danilo. Martha questions Leonardo about his relationship with Regina and decides to investigate the girl. Moa mistakes Andréa for Pat and starts talking to the actress. Andrea asks a producer if Moa is single. Joca asks Olivia to make Lou give up the idea of ​​being friends with Pat. Baby shows photos of Duarte as a janitor to Danilo, who is delirious. The commercial with Andrea is a hit and Pat is jealous. Danilo questions Bob about the canvas he donated to the auction in front of Teca and Gustavo. Pat is jealous of Andrea with Moa. Anita notices Samuel looking at her and gets annoyed.

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