Casares, president of São Paulo, talks about controversy involving audio from the club’s former physiologist

Julio Casares, president of the Sao Paulo, spoke about the controversial audios of the club’s former physiologist, Turíbio Leite de Barros. The doctor stated that the tricolor paulista would have refused new equipment for the medical department.

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The audios in question, which gained repercussion on social networks and were released by JovemPan, had statements by the former employee claiming that he intended to make new equipment available, and thus, Tricolor paulista would not need to have any resources in the matter.

– What I can say is this. I always had the best of intentions to take the equipment. I wouldn’t need resources. There was only one loan to be paid after a year, including replacement of new equipment. All I got was marketing property exchanges: signed shirt, box entry for some clubs, club social media. They were going to be state-of-the-art equipment. The reasons for not being accepted I will wait for the press to investigate. I can’t talk because they’ll keep massacring me. That would be an unfair fight between me and São Paulo – said Turíbio in the audio.

Shortly before the press conference in honor of the 30th anniversary of the 1992 Libertadores, held this Friday (17), Casares explained the case in conversations with journalists.

The president revealed that everything will be taken to the legal department, in order to investigate the allegations and give Turíbio the opportunity to explain the whole issue he revisited.

– Everything that happens goes to the compliace. Business was not good. It was not good for São Paulo. The DEM, a group that was technically assembled, did not approve. I didn’t see the need for such equipment. Now the way he put it naturally he will be questioned. The legal department will be called, if there are more people as he said, he will go to court to speak. We haven’t filed the order yet, but that’s good even for him. For his own good, so he can explain himself. I avoid talking because I respect him. But it is important because it is placed on social networks – said the president of São Paulo.

Casares also mentioned contractual problems in this proposal offered by Turíbio. According to him, São Paulo could not make the mistake of accepting something just to please the former physiologist.

– Now you say: “São Paulo refused to improve equipment”? Nobody here is crazy. If someone wants to donate, give equipment, great. Now you get a contract, a maintenance table for a company X with a cost already attached, a cost benefit that doesn’t close, technically doesn’t close, the user didn’t approve. Then what are we going to do? To please him, accept? This is a mistake that São Paulo can no longer make – he concluded.

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