‘Chorrindo’ meme character is in Brazil and tourist in SP

Born in Hungary, András Arató is a 76-year-old electrical engineer who accidentally became a very popular meme on the internet. Known for the iconic face of “laughing nervously” or “crying” because of stock photos, the elderly man is in Brazil and strolling through tourist attractions in São Paulo.

The visit to the capital of São Paulo began yesterday (16). On his Facebook, he reported the tour of the Pacaembu and Allianz Parque stadiums. Last night he was also in a typical city bar sampling the local beer.

This morning (17th), Arató published a photo with the unmistakable feature in Ibirapuera Park and in the Liberdade neighborhood. Check out the publications below.

the meme

Abroad, András Arató is known by the name “Hide the Pain Harold”, something like “Hide the Pain, Harold” in free translation. With over 1 million followers on social media, the Hungarian capitalized on his fame as a meme and travels the world publishing his adventures on a blog.

He started working as a publicity photo model after a photographer saw footage he took on a personal trip. The professional invited Arató to be a model for stock photos and the rest of the story is already known to the internet.

Hide the pain Harold

Just type “Hide the pain” on sites like Shutterstock to access the vast collection of images featuring the elderly. The internet uses the meme in dozens of different situations where it is necessary to open a smile while suffering internally.

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