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Clothes Nova performs in celebration of 40 years of career this Saturdayphotos Marcos Oliveira/ Publicity

Published 06/18/2022 05:00

Rio – It’s rare to find someone who doesn’t know how to at least hum a part of the songs ‘Dona’, ‘Whiskey à go-go’ and ‘I love you and I’ll scream for everyone to hear’, by Roupa Nova. With more than 20 million copies sold, 38 albums released and 35 soap opera themes, the group has been rocking the public for 42 years with their romantic and dancing songs. With a repertoire full of hits, the band takes the stage at the Jeunesse Arena, in Barra da Tijuca, West Zone of Rio, this Saturday, to record a project celebrating four decades of career. The participation of Daniel, Anavitória, Marcos & Belutti, Melim and Tiago Abravanel are already confirmed.

This is the first big job by Roupa Nova since Paulinho’s death in December 2020, due to complications from Covid-19. In place of the musician, Fábio Nestares from São Paulo took over the vocals. Ao Dia, the singer recalls his history with the band, which started there in 2002, and says he had a close relationship with the artist. “In 2002, I recorded an album for a record company, and that’s when I got close to Clothes Nova. At the time, Feghali was the producer of the record and the band played the songs. I ended up getting very close to Paulinho, mainly, and in 2015 it was when I started to replace Paulinho when he needed to. Paulinho was my real friend, we used to go to each other’s houses. Anyway, it wasn’t just the loss of an idol, but of a great brother”, says Fábio, 50 years old.

The recording of the project that was supposed to take place in 2020 was rescheduled a few times due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus and the death of Paulinho. Thus, Fábio confesses: “To be able to be on the recording of the band’s 40th anniversary, and pay tribute to him is incredible and certainly very exciting”. Bassist Nando also reflects on this Saturday’s performance. “This recording is a mixture of feelings. What would it be like if we had recorded it two years ago, as it was scheduled? What awaits us today? How will the public react? It’s an anxiety that we spend days without sleeping properly”, he admits.

The audience at the show will be able to see up close an emotional tribute that the members of Roupa Nova, Cleberson Horsth, Kiko, Nando, Ricardo Feghali, Serginho Herval and Fábio, will pay Paulinho. “It will be our first recording without Paulinho. We are preparing several surprises and a beautiful tribute. I don’t know how we will react at the time. But, for sure, with great nostalgia and with the certainty that he will be there with us and the almost 11,000 people who go to give us that strength”, highlights Nando.


New Clothes – 40 years

Location: Jeunesse Arena

Address: Av. Ambassador Abelardo Bueno, 3401 – Barra da Tijuca

Day and time: Saturday, the 18th, from 20h.

Tickets: from R$140 (full price)

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