Colombians go to second round to elect ‘leftist’ or ‘outsider’

  • Marcia Carmo
  • From Buenos Aires to BBC News Brazil

Gustavo Petro and Rodolfo Hernandez.

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Gustavo Petro and Rodolfo Hernández compete in the second round, scheduled for June 19

The Colombians who will go to the polls this Sunday (19/06) have only one certainty: whatever the result, the country will start an unprecedented stage.

This is the first time that the contest will be between a candidate from the left or center-left and a candidate who presents himself as an outsider of the political system. The traditional right-wing or center-right parties, which ruled Colombia for decades, were defeated in the first round, held on 05/29.

This election has other novelties: the union of the left and the removal of the armed conflict from the priorities of Colombian debates.

Former guerrilla fighter and senator Gustavo Petro, of the Pacto Histórico coalition, which is classified by experts as left-wing or center-left, and the construction industry entrepreneur and former mayor Rodolfo Hernández, of the Anti-Corruption League of Governors, considered many analysts such as populist and a sort of “Colombian Trump” would be technically tied, according to opinion polls.

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