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Coritiba will have changes in the starting lineup to face the athletic on Sunday, at 4 pm, at Couto Pereira, for the 13th round of the Brazilian Championship. The main one is in the goal: Alex Muralhauntil then the absolute holder of the white thigh goal, was not even related to the classic.

Muralha’s absence was a decision of the board together with the technical commission. After the defeat to Bragantino, on Wednesday, the goalkeeper was once again the target of much criticism from the crowd after missing the first goal of the Bragança Paulista team.

Therefore, the holder of the goal of Coxa for the classic will be the young Rafael William, 20 years old. He is a promise of the alviverde base and has already played in this Brazilian as a starter in the defeat to Palmeiras, in the 11th round, at Couto Pereira.

Atletiba will broadcast the RPC (for all of Paraná) and Tempo Real no ge, with exclusive videos.

Alex Muralha is outside Atletiba — Photo: Guilherme Griebeler/Coritiba

On the right-back, the then holder Nathanael was also not summoned. The club claims it is a physical issue, while the side’s staff says that “he is 100% and that it was the coach’s choice”. Warley, recovered from injury and who was on the bench in Bragança Paulista, enters the position.

Midfielder Thonny Anderson is also back after serving an automatic suspension in the last round. Regis stays on the bench. With an injury to the back of the thigh, Robinho is short – Matías Galarza is the most quoted to start. Fabricio Daniel is one more that was not listed by decision of the commission.

And the news does not stop there. Right-back Matheus Alexandre, midfielder William Farias and striker Léo Gamalho, who were in the transition phase, returned to training together with the white thigh group and are available to coach Gustovo Morínigo.

The likely team is: Rafael William; Warley, Henrique, Luciano Castán and Guilherme Biro; Bernardo (Willian Farias), Matías Galarza and Thonny Anderson; Igor Paixão, Alef Manga and Adrián Martínez (Léo Gamalho).

Coritiba is in 12th place in Serie A, with 15 points. In the next round, Coxa will host Athletico on Sunday, at 4 pm, at Couto Pereira.

  • goalkeepers: Marcao and Rafael William;
  • defenders: Diego Porfírio, Guilherme Biro, Guillermo, Henrique, Luciano Castan, Márcio Silva, Matheus Alexandre and Warley;
  • Socks: Bernardo, Matías Galarza, Thonny Anderson, Val and Willian Farias;
  • attackers: Adrián Martinez, Alef Manga, Clayton, José Hugo, Igor Paixão, Léo Gamalho, Neílton and Pablo Garcia.
  • coritiba x Athletico: 06/19, Sunday, 16h – Couto Pereira
  • Inter x Coritiba: 06/24, Friday, 21:30 – Beira-Rio
  • coritiba x Fortress: 07/03, Sunday, 18h – Couto Pereira

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