Default reaches 66.1 million in April, record since 2016 – News

the amount of Brazilians who cannot pay a bill on time it only increases. In April, 66,132,670 were in the red, a record, according to the Serasa Experian Default Indicator, since this number is the highest in the index’s historical series, which began in 2016. In the month, debts totaled R $271.6 billion.

Since January, the agency has recorded monthly growth in defaults in the country: in January, 64.8 million Brazilians failed to pay off any commercial commitments; in February, there were 65.2 million, a number that rose to 65.7 million in March, reaching 66.1 million in April.

The increase in default in 2022 was expected, says Serasa Experian economist Luiz Rabi. “But there are factors, such as the country’s economic instability, that have been affecting a large part of the population”, he adds.

The Banks and Cards segments concentrate 28.1% of April’s debts, while basic accounts, such as water, electricity and gas, represent 22.9%. In comparison with the same month of 2021, the financial companies sector is the one with the greatest increase in participation in delinquency, from 9.6% to 12.4%. “Finance companies usually offer credit to risk profiles, such as defaulting consumers. Therefore, the more unstable the economic scenario becomes, the more default in this sector tends to grow”, explains Rabi.

But everything indicates that Brazilians want to pay what they owe. Serasa Experian’s Consumer Credit Demand Indicator showed an increase of 14.9% in April, compared to the same month in 2021. The growth was lower than that recorded in March (26.5%), but shows that the search for resources remains heated.

clean name

Rabi says that the extraordinary withdrawal of the FGTS and the advance payment of the 13th salary for retirees are “tools that can and should be used to reorganize personal finances, ease debts and try to get the name out of the red”.

Another option to keep your accounts up to date is Serasa’s Clean Name service. A survey carried out by the company shows that there are more than 15 million offers on the platform to pay off debts for up to R$100, in banks, finance companies, universities, retail and telephone companies, for example.

There are also more than 43 million offers with installment options, some of which can be made in up to 24 installments. The name of the consumer is removed from the list of debtors after the payment of the first installment, says Aline Maciel, manager of Serasa Limpa Nome. “But it is essential that the payment of the other installments is completed, so that the debt is not resumed”, she concludes.

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