DO NOT eat THESE foods for breakfast for better health

Breakfast has always been considered the most important meal of the day. After all, it is from there that your body will acquire the nutrients and energy it needs to endure the routine. So, know which foods you shouldn’t eat in the first morning meal.

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Margarine is one of the so-called “ultra-processed” products and is also one of the foods that should not be eaten for breakfast. Briefly, margarine can be understood as fat, which is often saturated. Therefore, it increases cholesterol levels and harms heart health.

sugary cereals

Carbohydrate + carbohydrate. This is usually the composition of sugary cereals, made up of corn starch and sugar. Little added nutritional value is present in this food, which is usually sold as ideal for breakfast, but it is far from it.

no curd

Another very common option to spread on bread is curd. Composed of milk and processed fats, the food is unhealthy, although it is used as something better than margarine. If you are going to use cottage cheese, always give preference to artisanal.

Fries like bacon

Starting the day with a heavy meal full of saturated fat is not something your body needs.

Don’t eat sweets for breakfast

How about stopping raising blood glucose levels and taking a break from sweets. First thing in the morning, your body needs more complex energy and good nutrients for a productive day.


The rule for breakfast is: stop eating processed foods. Always prefer to sweeten a drink with honey or another ingredient of natural origin.

Chocolate for breakfast

Chocolate milk powders are industrialized powders with an artificial chocolate/cocoa flavor and aroma. Usually, they come with a lot of sugar in their composition, in addition to other types of carbohydrates. Those who suffer from diabetes, for example, should avoid this type of food.

Box of juice

It follows the same line as chocolate milk and is nothing more than a package full of liquids with sugar and various ingredients to give a fruit flavor. Prefer to drink fresh juice instead of boxes that are harmful to health.


Several recent studies link sausages and processed meats with the appearance of cancer in the body. Therefore, they are certainly foods that should not be at breakfast.

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