Driver stands in line for 14 hours to fill up with gasoline at R$ 4.50 – Economy

Passwords ran out in a few minutes and the first customers arrived yesterday afternoon to guarantee promotion

A kilometric line formed at the tops of Avenida Afonso Pena.  (Photo: Bruna Marques)
A kilometric line formed at the tops of Avenida Afonso Pena. (Photo: Bruna Marques)

There were people who slept in line at Auto Posto Nações Indígenas Taurus, on the tops of Avenida Afonso Pena, in Campo Grande to participate in the action of the Commercial Association “Feirão Sem Tax” and manage to fill up their car with gasoline at R$ 4.50. In all, 250 passwords were distributed in the early hours of this Saturday (18), which ended in a matter of minutes.

The first driver in line arrived at the scene yesterday (17), at 17:00. Cook Alex Oliveira, 40, left the Monte Castelo neighborhood and slept in front of the gas station to guarantee the 20 liters that each car was entitled to fill. In addition to beating the clock, Campo Grande faced a cold of 12º C this morning.

Just 20 liters per driver gave R$90 for each of the 250 customers who stood in line.  (Photo: Bruna Marques)
Just 20 liters per driver gave R$90 for each of the 250 customers who stood in line. (Photo: Bruna Marques)

“The solution was to turn on the car’s hot air and use the blanket, in addition to a bottle of tea. Just like that to protect me from the cold. But it pays off because the savings of these 20 liters are R$ 47 for me. to put 20 liters today is more than R$150 and for R$4.50 I paid R$90.

He supports the action and wanted it to take place more times a year. “This had to happen about three times a year. Things are very difficult. People said that it wasn’t worth it for me to spend the night in the cold, because of 20 liters of gasoline, but it does for me. My mother was the only one who support. She told me to be careful because of robberies, but it’s very safe and quiet here. The police come by every 5 minutes,” he said.

Attendant filling up the first cars this Saturday morning.  (Photo: Bruna Marques)
Attendant filling up the first cars this Saturday morning. (Photo: Bruna Marques)

Who also slept in line was the app driver, Angelina Brito, 51 years old. She got in line yesterday at 9:40 pm. “I was running near here and scheduled me to come.” She claims she didn’t feel cold because she took a blanket. “I think it paid off to sleep here, because the price of gasoline is increasing and when this opportunity arises we have to take advantage of it. I spend a lot a month on gasoline. I fill the tank about three times a week. The little I save now pays off. “

The seller, Paulo Roberto Santos Carlixto, 41, who lives at Aero Rancho, was also a partner in the queue since 10 pm yesterday. He stated that sleeping in the car was easy in terms of value for money. “For me it pays to stand in line because it saves BRL 50. Even more so today that the price of fuel will increase. I spend around BRL 500 on gasoline a month. So taking advantage of this discount is worth it at the end of the month “, he justified.

Movement – The “Feirão Sem Tax” day has been taking place for more than 20 years in Brazil and serves to raise awareness of the population about the debate regarding taxation. According to the president of the Young Entrepreneurs Council of the Commercial Association and organizer of the event, Willyan Francescon, the action was well organized. “We informed the drivers how the distribution of tickets would work and the service was very fast. We want to raise the awareness of the fathers and mothers of the family to discuss this matter.”

The queue that started to form yesterday afternoon was about 1 km away. Cars were lined up from the height of the entrance to the Pantanal Biopark to the gas station, at the tops of Avenida Afonso Pena (check out the video below). There were 5 thousand liters for the action, with 250 tickets per driver who had the right to only 20 liters of gasoline.

For the commercial director of Taurus, Norberto Lucas Soares, the partnership with the Commercial Association was closed as soon as they were summoned, due to the importance of the movement. of the day without tax.

“It is an investment by Taurus. The company has a cost for this action. But it is its role as a distributor to support the movement. We do not enter into the political discussion, but we understand that all parties involved need to be heard and respected. , other clients, federal and state government”, pointed out Soares.

He stated that participating with the population in a peaceful way is a benefit for the company. “We had to limit the 20 liters to serve as many people as possible, so that everyone could participate in the event.”

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