European giant ‘enters the middle’ and Mano’s starting darling should leave Inter: “Open to sell”


Player is loved by the Colorado fans, but impasse in negotiations can make him leave the club

Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF - Mano Menezes's titleholder should leave Internacional
Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF – Mano Menezes’s titleholder should leave Internacional

A long soap opera behind the scenes at CT Parque Gigante has been the negotiation between Internacional and Corinthians to define the future of defender Bruno Méndez. Talks have been dragging on for a few weeks, but there is still no agreement between the two clubs. The main reason for a concrete decision to be made is to divide the percentages of the player’s economic rights.

Because of this obstacle, Timão begins to analyze the possibility of reinstating Bruno Méndez to the squad for the current edition of the Brazilian Championship. With six games in the competition with the Colorado shirt, he would still be able to play for São Paulo if he returns before entering the field for the seventh time. In addition, the international market may be another reason for his return.

The possibility of Corinthians defender João Victor leaving the club amid proposals from Europe also enters the equation for the São Paulo club to think about having the Uruguayan in the squad. The young alvinegro defender has proposals from Porto and Benfica, from Portugal, and has been monitored by Sevilla, from Spain. With that, Bruno Méndez is seen by the coaching staff as the ideal replacement for the position.

“We are willing to sell a smaller percentage of the athlete, based on the values ​​that are in the contract, but you reduce the value and also the percentage that will be sold. Corinthians is open to selling a percentage, as long as it is proportional to what is placed in the loan contract”, commented the alvinegro president, Duílio Monteiro Alves, in an interview with the “ge Corinthians” podcast, by Globo Esporte.

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