Famous actor dies, causes commotion and artists lament: “Darling”

Famous actor dies at the age of 91 and leaves public in shock.

Mourning! No one is ever prepared for death and there is no age for us to mourn and be shocked by sad news. Famous French actor dies at the age of 91 and causes commotion in the public and artists.

The death was announced last Friday (17). the french actor Jean-Louis Trintignant died, according to information released by Mariane Hoepfner Trintignant, wife of the famous, for the French newspaper Le Monde. “He died peacefully of old age, at home on the Gard, surrounded by his loved ones.”

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The information took many by surprise, who mourned the death of the famous actor on social media who was “Loved by everyone”, between anonymous and famous who considered him the ‘legend of cinema’. It is worth noting that Jean-Louis Trintignant I had been suffering from cancer for a few years, but this was not the cause of death.

The actor lost two daughters, Paulinestill a baby and the other, mariein 2003. It is worth mentioning that the young woman, with whom she even shared the stage, was beaten to death by her husband, the French rock singer, Bertrand Contat.

Shy and very discreet in relation to his personal life, the famous French actor had a long trajectory, with more than 160 characters, between cinema and theater.

His first work was in the film ‘A man and a woman’, by Claude LelouchPalme d’Or at Cannes in 1966.

3 years later, he won the first award for best male acting with ‘Z’ for Costa Gavraswhich was about a denunciation against the dictatorship of the Greek colonels that quickly reverberated throughout Latin America.

Famous actor Jean-Louis Trintignant has died (Photo: Playback / Internet)
Famous actor Jean-Louis Trintignant has died (Photo: Playback / Internet)


In addition to Jean-Louis Trintignantanother famous actor, Moses J. Moseley, only 31 years old was found dead. He played a zombie in ‘The Walking Dead’, where he was found lifeless in his car, all bloodied, after being shot.

The actor’s body lay on the Hudson Bridge in Stockbridge, Georgia. The artist was missing and family members called the police, being found 3 days after the disappearance.

“He was loved by everyone who knew him. Such a bright light in everyone’s eyes.” declared Tabatha minchewthe actor’s manager, who mourned his death.

Moses J. Moseley, famous actor died (Photo: Reproduction / Internet)
Moses J. Moseley, famous actor died (Photo: Reproduction / Internet)

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