Faustão is hospitalized, abandons program and receives diagnosis

The famous former presenter of Globe, faustão became one of the most talked about topics of the moment. This is because it is no longer news to anyone who Fausto Silva always does everything in his power to stay out of the spotlight, however, that didn’t work out so well this time for the contractor at bandwhich drew attention after facing a devastating situation.

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In addition to being known thanks to his talent as a communicator, the businessman is also highly acclaimed because of his professionalism, as he has always taken his job very seriously. Proof of this is that in 30 years, the artist only missed the extinct Domingão once due to a health problem.

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On June 10, 2021, Faustão had to rush to the hospital. After taking a series of tests, the former Globo contractor received a cruel diagnosis: urinary infection. Thus, the presenter had to be hospitalized for treatment. At the time, Tiago Leifert was his replacement.

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However, this was not the only time the presenter went through a troubled period. In 2021, he underwent surgery at Hospital Albert Einstein in São Paulo. At age 71, Faustão removed a catheter used in dialysis. In this way, his wife, Luciana, revealed his state of health.

The famous former Globo contractor, Faustão has exposed health (Photo: Reproduction)
The famous former Globo contractor, Faustão has exposed health (Photo: Reproduction)

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“He was at Einstein today, but to have surgery to remove a catheter he was using in the treatment he was undergoing. Thank God he’s fine now. He is already discharged”, the artist’s wife told NaTelinha.

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In addition, the famous band member even underwent a cardiac procedure to place a pacemaker in December 2020. However, this troubled phase was behind him and Faustão showed that he was in good health, since he no longer went through hospitals.

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