Faustão lands on Record after the failure of All Girls in Me

Faustão na Band started to be closer to the third place in the time slot, even though it is still the fourth place in the dispute for audience in prime time. The difference between the program presented by Fausto Silva and Record has been falling since the 7th, with the launch of the production All the Girls in Me on the broadcaster of the leader of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, Edir Macedo.

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Broadcast at 9 pm, the telenovela that is placed as a series by Record and aims to be a ‘Malhação’ with a biblical and religious bias, recorded 4.6 points on average in its first six chapters, in Greater São Paulo, Poliana Moça , the runner-up in the time slot, earned 3 more points for SBT.

Before the premiere of the production of Todas as Garotas em Mim, the prime-time space of Record was occupied by Reis, a plot that ended up as vice-leader and with ratings similar to those of the broadcaster of Silvio Santos have scheduled this month. The serial closed with 7.1 points in its last six chapters.

Fausto Silva becomes a nightmare in the dispute for audience for Edir Macedo, Photo: Reproduction: Internet
Fausto Silva becomes a nightmare in the dispute for audience for Edir Macedo, Photo: Reproduction: Internet

Therefore, from one week to another, Edir Macedo’s broadcaster lost 2.5 Ibope points in the main advertising market in Brazil in a highly valued time slot.

Record began to be increasingly supported by Band, in addition to having seen SBT open an even greater advantage in second place. Unlike previous years, in which the broadcaster Johnny Saad showed religious programming on the strip, but since January, the time is occupied by the program that Fausto Silva presents.

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Although it is not a public phenomenon, Faustão na Band has a loyal audience, with averages ranging from 3 to 4 points in Greater São Paulo. The rating didn’t seem to be enough to claim third place until earlier this month, but the complete failure of All the Girls in Me could make the talk show’s dream come true.

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