Felipe Neto and Yudi Tamashiro defend Priscilla Alcantara after tattoo criticism

Felipe Neto and Yudi Tamashiro came out in defense of Priscilla Alcantara after criticism for tattooing.

Felipe Neto and Yudi Tamashiro came out in defense of Priscilla Alcantara after criticism for tattooing.

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Singer Priscilla Alcantara shared a photo of her new tattoo on social media on Saturday, 11, and has been criticized by followers. Many netizens questioned whether she stopped being evangelical after seeing the heron drawing on the artist’s rib.

After the repercussion on social networks, influencer Felipe Neto came out in defense of Priscilla and questioned on Twitter: “Do you mean that there are people condemning the evangelical girl for getting a tattoo? Do these people shave? Do they cut their hair? Do they use polyester? “Do you eat seafood? Just to let you know that the Bible condemns all of this equally.”

Who also spoke out about the case was presenter Yudi Tamashiro, who is also an evangelical and longtime friend of Priscilla. The two became known for presenting the children’s program Good morning & Cofrom SBT, and followed different paths in their careers, but similar in religion.

The presenter posted a video on Instagram and defended the singer, after netizens criticized a speech by Yudi, on the podcast. The Chinelapa Show. At the time, he spoke about his friend’s behavior: “She left, let’s say, gospel and from what I hear from people close to her, she continues to search for the word [de Deus]but now finds itself in another medium”.

However, in the video published on Thursday, 16, Yudi said that they were trying to create intrigue between the two and commented on Priscilla’s tattoo. “She’s like my sister and they’re getting an interview and saying I’m badmouthing her because of the tattoo, but she has nothing to do with it,” she said.

Yudi also added that his body is full of tattoos and that he will continue to do so because he does not see it as a sin. “No one is more of a believer than another believer. He who is standing, beware that he does not fall,” she added.

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