Finally, China signals it can help Russian commercial aviation with plane parts

“China is ready to supply aircraft components to Russian airlines”, Chinese ambassador to Moscow Zhang Hanhui told state news agency TASS. The information comes after the Chinese made two important decisions about Russian aviation. The first measure, shortly after the start of the war, was to refuse to hand over the parts for fear of Western sanctions; and the second was to close the airspace to the re-nationalized Russian planes, for fear about the safety of the aircraft.

We are ready to supply components to Russia, we are organizing this cooperation”he said. “Airlines are currently addressing this, they have certain channels, there are no restrictions on the Chinese side”, added the diplomat. Despite the speech, no details were given on how China will overcome American and European sanctions, noting that anyone who negotiates with sanctioned companies is prevented from doing business with the most developed countries in the world.

On February 26, the European Union banned the sale and supply, including leasing, of aircraft and components to Russian air carriers, as well as the provision of any insurance and reinsurance services for their aircraft, as well as repairs, all linked to the situation. of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Russian authorities reacted by taking a number of measures, most notably allowing local carriers to continue to operate leased or leased aircraft from foreign companies, nationalizing them and placing them on the Russian registry, despite contrary Western opinions. Russian practices also violate international treaties, to which it is a signatory, and may pose an extra risk to the operation of such aircraft.

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