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O Nubank recently announced a new promotion, called Tudo No Roxinho, and it is already in effect. In this way, the financial institution will reward its customers. Check now how to participate Raffle of R$ 300 thousand from Nubank and find out what other prizes will be distributed.

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Tudo No Roxinho – Nubank’s new initiative

According to the bank, the promotion is valid for all customers who use the credit card, with the exception of legal entities. As for the rules, Nubank will give participants three spending targets, so when each one of them is met, lucky numbers will be released, that is, tickets to compete for prizes.

Thus, upon reaching the first goal, a lucky number will be released, while in the second, five numbers will be available and, finally, after the third goal is achieved, ten lucky numbers will be released.

What are the target values?

The values ​​are variable, according to the average expenses of the clients. Therefore, those who use the card more will have greater goals to meet. However, the objectives will be fixed and will not vary during the promotion.


The Tudo no Roxinho promotion started on May 16 and will continue until July 31, 2022. In total, thirteen prizes will be distributed, one of which is R$300,000. There will also be a drawing of twelve gold bar certificates in the amount corresponding to R$ 10 thousand and a final gold bar certificate, which will have a value of R$ 300 thousand.

How to participate?

If you are interested in the promotion, first open the Nubank app on your smartphone, log in with your CPF and password, and then tap on the “credit card” option in the home menu.

Soon after, select the Tudo no Roxinho option, which should be after the options to pay bills, slips and refer friends. Once that’s done, just check the option to join the promotion by following the step-by-step that will start.


As for the results of the promotion, the names of the winners and the final result of the draw will be announced through emails, on the Nubank application and also on the financial institution’s blog. So stay tuned!

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