Fuel readjustments by Petrobras resignation throws government plans to the ground – Economy

The declaration of war Jair Bolsonaro and Arthur Lira The Petrobraswhich involved even the minister André Mendonçaof STF, should have as main outcome the granting of a subsidy to maintain the price of diesel financed by the federal government. That was the political solution that had been on the table since the beginning of Russia’s war with Ukraine.

The readjustment of diesel and gasoline, led by a resigned Petrobras president and unhappy with having lost his position a month after taking office, threw the government’s plans to make a quick change in the company’s management to the end of a new high in prices. with more sparse reset windows. The measure would be combined with the impact of falling fuel taxes with the ICMS approved this week.

Bolsonaro did not hide his plans in one of the statements made this Friday: “With the change of president, we can put competent people in order not to readjust”.

THE increase of R$0.20 for gasoline and R$0.70 for diesel ate much of the predicted impact with the fall in ICMS and federal taxes. The package aimed to reduce R$ 1.65 for a liter of gasoline and R$ 0.76 for diesel.

It all went down the drain. And the new law, which will cost billions to the coffers of the Union and the States, will not have the expected effect. The answer was harsh.

In his declaration of war, Lira said he would put to a vote a proposal to double the tax on Petrobras’ profits and change the company’s pricing policy. To interlocutors, the president of the Chamber says that it is not a bluff.

Immediately, what Congress intends to do (Lira has already given the signal) is to approve a subsidy to reduce the compensation of the difference in the cost of diesel in the international market or to create the truck exchange. Electoral restrictions are not even being taken into account.

Of Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco spoke again of a stabilization account, which is nothing more than holding prices with resources from the Treasure. In other words, subsidy. “The government must accept to share the enormous profits of Petrobras with the population”, fired the president.

In this oil war, there is a government treating its own state-owned company as an enemy, Congress taking advantage of the cue to try to remove the ties of political appointments in the largest company in the country and a company that acted with liver during the holiday.

Oh! There is also a platoon of that army in the STF with André Mendonça making use of an action that may have already lost its object to advance the siege of Petrobras and expand the scope of the change in ICMS from diesel to other fuels. Pure judicial activism.


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