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At the Rede Reflex gas station, the value of a liter of gasoline increased by R$0.19, and diesel, which was at R$6.84, was already sold at R$7.59 (photo: Leandro Couri/EM/DA Press)

Petrobras announced this Friday (17/6) a new adjustment in the prices of diesel and gasoline at refineries. This Saturday (18/6), the highest prices reached the bombs, and caused dissatisfaction among drivers in Belo Horizonte.

At the Rede Reflex gas station, in Bairro Esplanada, the value of a liter of gasoline increased by R$0.19, and diesel, which was at R$6.84, this Saturday is already sold at R$7.59. The price of ethanol has not changed, and now the demand for this fuel has increased.

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At Papa’s gas station, in Floresta, the most attractive ethanol to drivers (photo: Leandro Couri/EM/DA Press)

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At Papa’s gas station, on Rua Flvio dos Santos, in Floresta, the price of gasoline rose by R$0.20 and diesel by R$0.70. In the percentage difference in values ​​between ethanol and gasoline, the index is 65% of the first in relation to the second, and therefore ethanol is more attractive to drivers. According to employees of the post, the movement was high this Friday afternoon.

At the Bretas gas station, in Santa Efignia, the liter of gasoline went from R$7.37 to R$7.57 from one day to the next. The movement before the readjustment was great at the establishment, as the gas station attendants say, who now also observe the greater demand for ethanol, which has not yet changed in price and remains at R$ 4.97 per liter.

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At the Bretas gas station, in Santa Efignia, demand for ethanol increased, which did not rise in price (photo: Leandro Couri/EM/DA Press)

Businessman Igor Magalhes, 41, was at the gas station on the corner of Avenida do Contorno and Rua Niquelina to fill up, he who usually uses an app to fill up, which allows for savings of between 3% and 5% for each full tank.

Thinking about the interests of Petrobras, as a company, Igor considers that “they are transferring it to maintain their margin. But our biggest problem is the tax issue. Taxes on fuel are very high”, says the businessman.

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Entrepreneur Igor Magalhes uses a supply app to save (photo: Leandro Couri/EM/DA Press)

The increase takes place in the week in which the federal government announced the reduction of ICMS rates. “I took it off on one side to put it on the other,” he says. According to Igor, for the situation to improve, many things have to change. “I’m always looking for a reliable job at a fair price.”

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