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The home team arrived for the match looking for a spot in the G-4. This could have happened in the last round, but the team from Rio Grande do Sul drew 0-0 with Sport. Therefore, in this round they need to win and count on a stumble from Pernambuco if they want to be among the top four.

After recovering in the last round of Série B and maintaining its unbeaten record playing at home, Sampaio tries its first victory as a visitor against Grêmio. Tricolor hasn’t been able to be effective at the opponent’s home and so far has only added one point in that condition (against Novorizontino, in São Paulo).

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Broadcast: Premiere 1 for all Brazil, with narration by Renata Silveira and comments by Lédio Carmona and Pedrinho. Central do Apito will have the command of Paulo César de Oliveira. O ge track all bids livewith exclusive videos.

Gremio – Coach: Roger Machado

Roger will not have any right-back available for this Saturday’s match. With that, the coach will improvise in the sector, it remains to be seen with whom. Most likely, Jhonata Varela will play the role of winger within the 3-5-2 scheme, something that would not be new for the player, who is a midfielder of origin. Another option is for Rodrigues to play as a right-back, but then the tactical scheme would change to a line of four defenders.

Probable lineup: Bruno Alves, Geromel and Rodrigues; Jhonata Varela, Villasanti (Thiago Santos), Bitello and Nicolas; Janderson (Campaz), Gabriel Teixeira and Diego Souza.

Who is out: Kannemann (suspended); Edilson, Elkeson, Benítez, Ferreira, Jhonata Robert, Rodrigo Ferreira and Leo Gomes (injured).

hanging: Rodrigues, Benitez, Villasanti, Elias and Janderson.

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Sampaio Corrêa – coach: Léo Condé

Without Pimentinha and without a player in the squad with similar characteristics, there are two main options for coach Léo Condé to solve the team’s big doubt for the game. If the choice is to maintain the 4-3-3, the right-back Mateusinho goes to the attack and Maurício would be embedded in the right flank. If the coach chooses to return to the 4-4-2, midfielder Lucas Araújo would take the spot and the attack would only have Poveda and Catatau.

A change considered right in the team is the entry of Eloir in place of the suspended Rafael Vila. In addition to Pimentinha and Vila (holders), Sampaio lost left-back João Victor and midfielder Soares for the match against Grêmio, the latter two like PimentinHa, due to a virus.

Probable lineup: Luiz Daniel; Maurício (Lucas Araújo), Alan Godói, Nilson Júnior and Lucas Hipólito; André Luiz, Ferreira and Eloir; Mateusinho, Gabriel Poveda and Ygor Catatau.

Likely Sampaio to face Grêmio — Photo: ge

Who is out: Pimentinha, João Victor, Soares Pará and Andrey (medical department).

hanging: Eloir and Renatinho

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  • Referee: André Luiz de Freitas Castro (GO)
  • Assistant 1: Fabricio Vilarinho da Silva (GO)
  • Assistant 2: Leone Carvalho Rocha (GO)
  • VAR: Pathrice Wallace Correa Maia (RJ)

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