Harassment: messages exchanged by Dani Calabresa and Marcius Melhem come to light

Another chapter of the judicial war between Dani Calabresa and Marcius Melhem was recorded this Thursday (16). Since 2015, when she took the case to TV Globo, the actress has accused the former director of sexual and moral harassment, while Melhem has tried to prove in court that the relationship was consensual.

In 2020, a report by Revista Piauí brought up the case that became public, six other women also accuse Melhem of moral, sexual harassment, abuse of power and harassment. Columnist Ricardo Feltrin, from UOL, had exclusive access to the investigation file.

Dani Calabresa and Marcius Melhem fight legal war and exchange accusations –  Photo: Reproduction / NDDani Calabresa and Marcius Melhem fight a legal war and exchange accusations – Photo: Reproduction/ND

The ex-director’s defense attached about 270 messages exchanged by Dani and Melhem, who is trying to prove innocence. The message exchanges show a friendly atmosphere between the two, in addition to possible flirtations. To the Civil Police, Dani said that she “pretended normalcy to preserve her career”.

friendly atmosphere

The first wave of messages presented by Melhem’s defense began in 2016, when Dani thanked the then director for bringing her to the station and said she was happy working at Zorra.

Melhem: My love. I appreciate the trust. I am very happy with your recommendation. It’s just getting started. Let’s go together (little hearts emoji)

In another conversation, in 2017, Marcius comments on a nude that he would have seen by Dani Calabresa:

Pepperoni: Thank you a thousand times for remembering me (heart emoji) best invitation

Melhem: I love you without you sending me a nude, look how pure! It’s ours! I am eternally grateful for trusting me. And I will make you very happy. Still on the globe. It’s just getting started.

Pepperoni: Ahahahahaha I showed without you pedjirrrr!!!! Now I’m going to have to send it to Cinti, to give it strength.. Fuck see lol (sad emoji and little heart).

Melhem: Hahah wtf! Did it show and I remember every detail? suffering with Cinti and more dear people [eles se referem ao ator Claudio Cinti, demitido da Globo havia pouco tempo].

Harassment complaint was revealed at the end of 2020 –  Photo: Playback/Internet/NDHarassment complaint was revealed at the end of 2020 – Photo: Reproduction/Internet/ND

Regarding the intimate images, referred to as nudes by Melhem and Calabresa, the actress said that, during a party in 2017, the director would have snatched her cell phone from her hand when he learned that Dani had intimate images on the device.

The party was at director Maurício Farias’ house and Calabresa would have been embarrassed by the “lascivious” comments made by Melhem about his photos.

dolly party

Another episode reported by Dani took place at a party for the Zorra cast in November 2017, Melhem would have dragged Dani to the bathroom, according to the report, actors Luís Miranda and George Sauma would have tried to help the actress.

Also according to UOL, two other people would have witnessed the scene and deny that there was harassment and that everything seemed consensual. However, Dani denies and maintains the version of harassment. To defend himself, Melhem attached the following messages that were recorded the day after the party:

Melhem: Hey, Dani! Do you remember what we said yesterday? Lol this message proves that we exchanged messages the next day (little heart). I loved all the crazy stuff from yesterday’s party (emoji of a dancer and a ‘no for under 18’ sign). What you don’t remember I’ll tell you (wink). Kisses, Marcius (which isn’t cold at all).

Pepperoni: My God good morning lol (monkey emojis covering their eyes). I don’t remember what we “said”, just the 7 GINS I drank? And a few kisses (little monkey, heart, drops)

Melhem: Hahah good morning. As I don’t drink, I remember a little more. Kisses and a few more things. I loved all the craziness of yesterday. Do you understand why I don’t stay at parties? I get drunk together. Send a kiss to Maira. Guys, I was planning a little party/videoke at home next Saturday, the 11th. Let’s go? (wink and kiss emojis)

Pepperoni: I’m leaving Zorra (little monkey) ahahah. But I pack my friend Maira in bubble wrap and send it to her house (wink)

Dani refers to her friend Maíra Parazzo, an executive, who would also have kissed Melhem on the night of Zorra’s party. In a statement, Parazzo said that there was no harassment between Calabresa and Dani and that her friend did not say anything to her and that she only “said good things” about Melhem.

remember the case

A report in Piauí magazine detailed the alleged harassment practiced by Melhem and suffered by several actresses.

To write the text, the magazine heard 43 people, among them alleged victims of moral and sexual harassment by the comedian. In addition, the text also brings reports of an alleged “negligence” by Rede Globo in the investigation of the case.

One of the most surprising reports is that of a party, promoted in 2017 by Melhem, to celebrate the 100th episode of Zorra’s redesign. At the time, he would have cornered Dani Calabresa at the door of a bathroom, tried to kiss her and took his penis out.

In addition, there are also reports of other attacks on the show’s recording sets and professional discussions that led to the actress having health crises. The magazine also had access to audios from Melhem where he says that Calabresa was smearing his name on the station. In another, he says the following sentence: “What else do you want, daughter, to shut up?”.

Finally, the report brings the attempts of victims and witnesses to pressure Globo about the investigations and the company’s response, which, even after announcing the director’s dismissal, did not mention the case of harassment at any time.

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