Helicopter owner in Cruzeiro game reveals that flight was not authorized

In addition to not having the certificate up to date to perform flights, the helicopter that flew over Mineirão last Thursday (16), during the duel between Cruzeiro x Ponte Preta, for Série B do Brasileiro, did not have authorization from the company that owned the aircraft. to perform the action.

MHE Participações e Empreendimentos, owner of the helicopter, reported that the aircraft was undergoing maintenance, under the responsibility of the company HBR. According to MHE, the flight took place without the owner’s own knowledge and that it will take appropriate measures against those responsible for what happened.

It is important to remember that the helicopter did not have the certificate up to date to perform flights, in addition to the flight having violated aviation laws, as it flew over a distance very close to the stadium’s coverage. Even so, the company HBR requested a special authorization from Anac (National Aviation Agency) to carry out the flight.

Sought by the report, HBR, through its press office, preferred not to comment: “We have nothing to declare about the case”, summarized a note issued by the aircraft maintenance company.

Check out the official note issued by the company that owns the helicopter:

“MHE PARTICIPAÇÕES E EMPREENDIMENTOS LTDA informs, through this note, that it has learned from the press and social media that the PR-VJX helicopter, owned by it, flew over the Magalhães Pinto – Mineirão stadium, during the Cruzeiro game, yesterday – June 16, 2022.

MHE clarifies that the aforementioned aircraft has been with the HBR aircraft maintenance company since January 2022, performing maintenance scheduled in the manufacturer’s regular schedule, and has not yet been formally returned.

The act performed was carried out in absolute absence of the MHE, and it was not communicated, including the intention of the workshop and/or the aircraft crew to perform any flight on the equipment.

The members of MHE repudiate the acts performed by the pilots of the aircraft which, once again: were carried out in absolute absence of the MHE and reiterates that it has always ensured full and unrestricted compliance with aeronautical rules and regulations in the operation of said aircraft.

Finally, MHE informs that it is already taking all appropriate measures against those responsible for the act performed, without prejudice to the determination of the attitude of the maintenance company HBR AVIAÇÃO S/A, in relation to the flight, in order to be responsible for the custody and custody of the aircraft throughout the maintenance process.


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