Historic idol, Palhinha detonates the team’s bad phase

Multichampion with the shirt of São Paulo, Palhinha made strong criticisms of the current squad of the club. Asked about the performance of the team led by Rogério Ceni, the former striker did not speak his tongue and blamed the athletes for the moment lived in the current season.

Last Thursday, São Paulo lost an unbeaten run of 15 games when they were defeated by Botafogo by 1-0. The team also missed the chance to cheat on the vice-leader of the Brasileirão, Corinhians, and not leave Palmeiras, first placed, shoot at the end of the table.

“I think what’s missing for São Paulo is for the players to be ashamed of themselves, to like the shirt they’re wearing, to respect the shirt they’re wearing, to like their teammate. You don’t have to be friends, but respect the other, and run inside field”, said Palhinha.

The tricolor idol also defended Rogério Ceni, criticized in recent games for his team’s poor performance. But, even with a limited squad and several absences, the coach has managed to keep São Paulo at the top of the table.

“It’s very easy to criticize Rogério, the board, but they’re not playing. It’s the players who need to take a different path, stop being frivolous, shorts pulled up, have to play ball, exercise, advertise, score and show the ball, make a little sign, that won’t solve anything, that doesn’t exist”, he continued.

Palhinha believes that many who defend São Paulo currently have no real idea of ​​the size of the club, nor of what Rogério Ceni represents for the tricolor fans.

“I think the shirt they are wearing really lacks respect. They don’t know what São Paulo is. There’s a guy who commands them, and they need to see a little bit of the coach’s history within the club,” he added.

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