“I only exist because of this”

João Gordo revealed details about the fight he had with Dado Dolabella. In an interview for the podcast Mais que Oito Minutos, by Rafinha Bastos, the presenter recalled the bullshit and said that, to this day, he is recognized by people because of the near aggression. On the occasion, the two exchanged curses, insults, the actor broke the attraction’s table with an ax on the MTV program. The conversation arose when Rafinha commented to João that he had refused to participate in Power Couple, a reality show on Record, with a fee of 80,000.

“The first slacker to scream with breath in my face, I was going to give a chulapa. ‘But you didn’t hit Dado Dolabella’. It’s another situation”, recalled João Gordo. After Rafinha asked if the musician had regretted not hitting the actor, João revealed that he just didn’t go for aggression or he would lose his job at MTV.

“It was good not to have knocked because otherwise I would have lost my job. If I had laid my hand on that guy… That was publicized four years later. It was in 99 and they released it in 2003. They only released it when MTV launched the site of them, to call an audience”, he said.

“I was in Spain, at Roberto Carlos’ house, the player, and then they released it here in Brazil. It seems that all that bullshit had happened again. It bombed when it happened on gossip sites, everyone cursing me because I was a monster, Shrek, and he the prince. I’ve heard a lot.”

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Dado Dolabella reveals that beef with João Gordo was because of Wanessa Camargo


Afterwards, João said that many people turned against him and that important presenters criticized him on television. The former VJ ended the matter with hurt saying that people only remember him because of the beef.

“I’m only remembered because of that. People don’t even know about my band, they know nothing, and they just know that. I don’t exist. what’s going on,” he said.


In May, Dado Dolabella also recalled the fight with the presenter, giving his version of what happened. According to the actor, he went to João Gordo’s program to get revenge for the treatment given by the presenter to his then-girlfriend Wanessa Camargo at the time. The fact is that the fight was one of the most memorable shacks on Brazilian TV.

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