Increase in fuel prices and Petrobras’ price policy: see what the pre-candidates say | Elections 2022

The matter was the subject of demonstrations by pre-candidates for the Presidency of the Republic throughout this Friday (17).

The new increase was 5.18% for gasoline and 14.26% for diesel. Bolsonaro and allies, afraid that prices will harm reelection, point out that Petrobras is “betraying” the Brazilian people and acting only in its own interest. Other pre-candidates criticized the government and the measures that have been taken so far to contain the soaring prices.

Petrobras argues that it is obliged to pass on fluctuations in the price of oil and oil products on the international market to the domestic market. According to the company, if this is not done, Petrobras could take significant losses and be the target of legal actions. It also argues that, if domestic prices lag too far, small importers may give up bringing fuel to Brazil, which would create shortages.

See what the pre-candidates said about this scenario:

Former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva during an event in Maceió — Photo: Reproduction/YouTube

Former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who leads the electoral polls, recalled the government’s project to reduce the ICMS on fuels to try to lower the price of the product for the consumer.

ICMS is a state tax, one of the main sources of revenue for states. For Lula, the project will not serve to mitigate fuel inflation and will still take money from state investment in areas such as health and education.

“Bolsonaro’s gasoline, which he said would go down, has already announced a new increase. He invented that the solution is to reduce ICMS, but all he’s going to do is reduce money for education and health in the states,” Lula wrote. on twitter.

President Jair Bolsonaro at the opening of a forum in São Paulo — Photo: Reproduction

During a visit to Rio Grande do Norte, Bolsonaro said the new increase was a “betrayal” by Petrobras and suggested the creation of a CPI to investigate the company.

“It is a betrayal of the Brazilian people. The president of Petrobras, the director and his board have betrayed the Brazilian people. Petrobras’ profit is something that no one can understand, something stupid. It earns six times more than the average for oil companies around the world,” Bolsonaro said.

The government is Petrobras’ largest shareholder. Therefore, Bolsonaro has already changed the presidency of Petrobras twice this year. But the current president of the state-owned company, José Mauro Coelho, is still in office. Petrobras has to comply with legal procedures before changing command.

The state-owned board that approved the new adjustment has 11 members. 6 of them were appointed by the Bolsonaro government.

Ciro Gomes gave an interview to the podcast The Subject on Monday (13) — Photo: Celso Tavares/g1

O pré-candidato Ciro Gomes, em uma postagem no Twitter, acusou Bolsonaro pelo comportamento da Petrobras.

“Petrobras does what it wants because Bolsonaro does not know what he wants. He is weak, a liar, a traitor and a deceiver,” wrote Ciro.

Senator Simone Tebet is a pre-candidate for the Presidency of the Republic by the MDB — Photo: Fátima Meira/Futura Press/Estadão Content

Senator and pre-candidate, Simone Tebet, also on the social network, wrote that the government does have alternatives to lower fuel prices. She also suggested subsidies for working poor to be able to buy cooking gas and diesel.

“Whoever wants to, decides. Those who don’t want to, blame others. The Federal Constitution provides solutions, in the plural, to reduce the price of fuel in exceptional situations such as now, creating extraordinary credit or using the Union’s dividends. , subsidies for diesel for those who depend on it to work and for cooking gas for those who cannot pay. The solution will, in the future, be to expand the national refining capacity”, stated Tebet.

André Janones, pre-candidate for the Planalto by Avante — Photo: Michel Jesus/Chamber of Deputies

Deputy and pre-candidate, Andre Janones criticized what he called “theatre” to attack Petrobras. He also criticized the lack of investment in refineries in the country.

“The theater to attack Petrobras as if the government wasn’t responsible for it, doesn’t stick. It doesn’t have the courage to act on price policy, sells our crude oil tax-free, doesn’t generate interest for investment in refineries in the country and practically donates our ethanol”, said Janones.

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