Institute adopts Apple Watch to treat Parkinson’s patients | wearables

The sensors present in the Apple Watch can detect, for example, when a person falls. Last year, the clock saved an elderly man who had fallen unconscious. Apple often highlights the watch’s features aimed at people’s health and safety, in addition to the many fitness attributes.

Parkinson’s disease is a disorder of the central nervous system that interferes with body movements. The disease causes, for example, hand tremors, loss of balance and stiffness. One of the main problems faced by doctors in diagnosing the disease is the fact that, nowadays, most doctors have to collect data on a patient’s movements by observing them during a brief clinical consultation. This method is not always efficient, as the symptoms of the disease can vary greatly over time.

The idea is to combine practice with the use of Apple Watch software in order to obtain a more detailed and complete diagnosis. More complex reporting and monitoring of tremors over long periods should greatly facilitate medical work and the treatment of the disease.

It’s not the first time the Apple Watch’s potential has been explored in the medical world. At the beginning of the month, the TechTudo reported that Australian scientists are exploring the possibilities offered by the electrocardiogram (ECG) function to help children with cancer.

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