know the dangerous medicines for children

All parents or guardians of children know that one of the main functions of adults is to keep the little ones healthy and alive. Children are unaware of everything that can be harmful to their health and, usually, they tend to get into risky situations quite easily. There are dangerous medicines for children and they should always be kept out of their reach.

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Watch out! There are dangerous drugs for children

First, understand that any medicine should only be administered under medical prescription and in cases of extreme need. Even adults should not live under the influence of medication. When we think about the child’s organism, there are drugs that are dangerous for children and that can even be lethal for them.

Colorful pills with noisy packaging can attract the attention of little ones. In this way, medicines should always be placed in hard-to-reach places, such as high cabinets and sealed boxes. In addition, adults should always explain to children that there are dangerous products that can harm them or do a lot of harm.

What are dangerous drugs for children?

In general, any medication can be dangerous for a child, especially the more concentrated ones that can cause an overdose. However, there are some substances that offer above-average risks; such as:

  • Antipsychotics;
  • Antidepressants;
  • Antiepileptics;
  • calcium blockers;
  • Antiarrhythmics;
  • Hypoglycemic agents;
  • Opiates and antiplatelet drugs/NOACs.

According to world health authorities, all these are dangerous drugs for children and that can reach the extreme level of compromising life. And drug poisoning can cause tremors, dizziness, altered senses, heart attack, shortness of breath, extreme tiredness, drowsiness, and other serious symptoms.

If the child has come into contact with any medication unintentionally, do not hesitate to seek medical help quickly. Even if the drug is not something as aggressive as those on the list above, it is important to seek a diagnosis and specialized guidance.

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