Latino accuses Simone & Simaria of copying his music: “Almost imitated”

A few months after the duo Simone & Simaria released the song Amiga, the Latin singer accused the sisters of copying the history and recording dynamics of the video for his song Amigo Fura Olho.

To columnist Fábia Oliveira, from Em Off, Latino said that anyone who knows his music will associate it with the new success of the duo Simone & Simaria.


“Amiga is definitely an adaptation. I won’t even say it’s plagiarism, but an inspiration from a song of ours, mine and Daddy Kall. You just take the thing from one talking to the other, counseling, sitting at the bar…”, he said.

Despite saying that he would not give the song as plagiarism, he pointed out that the song is an “almost imitated inspiration”:

“It’s just listening to their music and mine that you can understand that it’s an inspiration almost imitated. Anyone who remembers Friend Puzzles from 10 years ago will see that they were completely inspired by ours.”

Daddy Kall, who partners with Latino on the song, said his fans asked him to listen to the song to see the coincidences. “After they made this song, my Instagram didn’t stop, everyone asking me to take a look at the video and I went there to see it. Really, I found a lot of similarities,” he said.

“I thought it was very similar, but only they can say if they looked at the clip for inspiration. If it was a tribute… There’s no problem”, added the DJ.

O metropolises contacted Simone & Simaria’s advice, but did not receive a response until the publication of this article. The space remains open for updating.

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