Leonardo’s maid detonates ‘offenses’ she received from the singer on video

A maid exposed situations she lived in the countryman’s mansion while working

The singer Leonardo is one of the most charismatic figures in the music world, so much so that the countryman does not forgive even close people, and in some videos, he has even left poliana, his wife, embarrassed. In a sequence of images, Abbeya maid at the artist’s mansion, exposed some situations she has lived through in the almost 5 years she has worked with the famous.

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The revelation happened in Poliana’s stories, when she left a question box for her followers. One of the netizens questioned the housekeeper of the mansion, if she is very ‘mocked’ by Leonardo: “Does Leo make fun of you a lot???”, wrote the fan. It was at that moment that Abadia, through a video, confirmed what she lives in her day-to-day, exposing some ‘offenses’ that she hears from the sertanejo.

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“Leo makes fun of me a lot, he calls me a mare’s belly, broken belly, says I eat about three neptunes, hides his sleeves”, said the worker. In the sequence of videos, Abadia said that after the ‘offences’, Leonardo ends up regretting it and trying to please her: “He regrets it and brings pamonha from the street”. Asked if she is thinking about leaving the artist’s mansion and working elsewhere, the collaborator was incisive.

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“I really like working here with them, that’s why I’ve been here for 5 years. I plan on staying another 5 or retiring here”, she added. About the scolding she would have received, Abadia said that Poliana is very calm and when she needs to say something, she usually leaves a letter calling her “love” and explaining what she didn’t like.

Leonardo alongside Poliana Rocha (Photo: Disclosure)
Maid talked about working at Leonardo and Poliana’s mansion (Photo: Disclosure)

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