Let’s go inside Petrobras

President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) said that his allies should ask for the opening of a new CPI (parliamentary commission of inquiry) related to Petrobras next Monday (20) in the Chamber of Deputies.

“I spoke yesterday with the leader of the Chamber for us to open a CPI on Monday. We are going to go inside Petrobras”, he said. “It is unacceptable, with a global crisis, for Petrobras to brag about the profits it has”, he added.

The statements were given by the president during the Restoration Ministry’s Apostolic Anointing Act. The event took place in Manaus (AM), in the early afternoon of this Saturday.

Petrobras announced readjustments

This Friday (17), Petrobras announced increases of 5.2% in the price of gasoline and 14.2% in the price of diesel. The new values ​​will come into effect from this Saturday (18).

On Twitter, the president criticized the measure. “The Federal Government as a shareholder is against any readjustment in fuels, not only because of Petrobras’ exaggerated profit in the midst of the global crisis, but also because of the public interest provided for in the State-Owned Companies Law”, he said.

Shortly after Petrobras announced the readjustment, Bolsonaro said he was already in dialogue with the president of the Chamber, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), to open the CPI. The proposal won the support of some opposition politicians, interested in investigating possible irregularities in the changes in command of the company in recent years.

During the event in Manaus, Bolsonaro again commented on alleged irregularities (never proven) in the counting of votes in the 2018 elections. March of that year.

Sought by UOL, the TSE has not yet commented on the statements. This text will be updated as soon as the court submits its position.

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