Lula’s supporters fill the Convention Center; at the door, group protests against former president

Former President Lula (PT) participates in a public act, on Friday night (17), at the Maceió Convention Center. At around 4 pm today, hundreds of supporters already crowded the place awaiting the arrival of the former president. Outside, some people protested with banners against Lula’s visit.

The act will be broadcast on TVPT, PT’s social networks and the former president’s social networks.

In the morning, Lula participated in a meeting with the cultural sector, at the Hotel Jatiúca, where he stated that “he wants to make more textbooks and fewer weapons”. He also recalled his time in prison and said that it is necessary for the people to learn that Brazil is not “as lamb and peaceful” as the elite wants it to be.

Lula is accompanied by the former governor of São Paulo, and pre-candidate for vice president, Geraldo Alckmin.

In Alagoas, senator Renan Calheiros, former governor Renan Filho and governor Paulo Dantas are also on the agenda.


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