Maju Coutinho reveals pregnancy and causes shock in public

The famous presenter of Fantastic, Maju Coutinho has returned to be among the most talked about topics of the moment this past week. That’s because, after causing such an uproar in thousands of viewers after taking over from Tadeu Schmidt’s former place and leaving Jornal Hoje, she now drew attention when talking about pregnancy.

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At 43 years old, Poliana’s colleague Abritta commented if she will get pregnant one day. For many, the journalist would have passed her age, but she sees motherhood with different eyes and even considered an adoption. For those who don’t know, all this happened during a conversation with É De Casa last year in which she explained about the demands of being a mother.

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The presenter of Fantástico has claimed many times that she does not feel this need and expressed that this may change in the future. “No date set. Sometimes I give statements and they think I’m closed on the issue, I never want to have children, no, it’s not like that. So I think motherhood unfolds in many ways”, declared Maju Coutinho.

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The presenter of Fantástico da Globo, Maju Coutinho poses next to her husband (Photo: Reproduction / Internet)
The presenter of Fantástico da Globo, Maju Coutinho poses next to her husband (Photo: Reproduction / Internet)

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Soon after, she participated in the ping pong quiz, in which she had to quickly answer the presenter’s questions. Asked about a regret, the Globo communicator said that she was already harsh with some people. “Sometimes I was harsh with someone, I could have spoken in a sweeter way, I regret that sometimes, I could have taken it easier”, said Maju Coutinho.

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