Man is caught stealing wires in Fortaleza and tries to escape in handcuffs

A man was caught by security cameras while stealing traffic signal wires at the intersection of the avenue João Pessoa with Barão de Sobral streetin the Democrito Rocha neighborhood, in Strength. The case was registered in the early hours of Saturday, 18.

The action was monitored by the security forces and, with the arrival of the military police, the man and another suspect of the action were approached by the Police. The person identified stealing the traffic signal wires was arrested, however, he tried to flee, even in handcuffs, in the company of the second suspect.

The videos show the police chase on foot. Despite the attempt to escape, the suspect was taken to a police unit to carry out the appropriate procedures.

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O Bulletin of the Military Police of Ceará, published this Saturday morning, informs that the arrest was carried out by the Motorized Tactical Command (Cotam), which carried out the arrest of the suspect. At the time, they were called through the Operations Coordination (Ciops) about the man who was on the pole subtracting the wires. Paulo Henrique Pereira da Silva, 27, was presented to the 34th Police District, in downtown Fortaleza, and charged with aggravated theft.

Fortaleza has been registering numerous cases of theft of wires that leave the traffic signals in Fortaleza not working. The actions cause inconvenience to drivers and pedestrians who circulate on the roads. There are records of arrests of suspects in thefts and also of recipients who own scrap metal.

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