Maraisa announces change of brand As Patroas after legal fight

The controversy involving the brand As Patroas gained a new chapter. This Friday (17), Maraisa announced that the album with the songs of the duo with her sister Maiara and Marília Mendonça, released in September 2020, will change its name. The decision to change the title comes after the Bahian singer Daisy Soares was recognized as the owner of the brand both in the singular and in the plural.

Maraisa published on her Twitter that the trio’s production will be called Festa das Patroas 35%. “History is already made”, wrote the sertaneja. The new brand refers to the Festa das Patroas, a country event that was led by the sisters and Marília in 2016. The percentage number symbolizes that the project about the friendship of the three was a small part of what they planned to produce together. Marília Mendonça died in November last year in a plane crash in Piedade de Caratinga (MG).

In a conversation with Folha de S.Paulo, Daisy Soares, one of the founders of the forró band A Patroa, revealed that she had been the target of threats and xenophobia from fans of the duo Maiara and Maraisa and Marília Mendonça since she had obtained a ban in court. use of the As Patroas brand.

“I receive many messages telling me to hand over the brand to them. And where is my dream?”, she vents, reporting threatening calls to a mall where she would perform and xenophobic attacks on social networks. “Of everything I heard, what hurt me the most was messing with the place where I live, I was born, the place I love people,” she explained, who has already filed a criminal complaint against one person.

On June 8, substitute judge Argemiro de Azevedo Dutra, of the 2nd Business Court of Salvador, imposed a fine of R$100,000 if Maiara and Maraisa and her office continue to use the name As Patroas. “I understand that, in this initial phase, the high probability of the protective right invoked, as well as the extensive danger of continuity of the damage generated by the misuse of another’s trademark for economic and financial benefit”, points out the judge.

Daisy launched the forró band A Patroa in 2013, alongside her partner, guitarist Paulinha, 27, and started the process of registering the name the following year. The Inpi (National Institute of Industrial Property) granted the exclusivity of the artistic brand in 2017, even preventing its use in the plural, as in the case of the musical project of the country singers. (Folhapress)

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