Market in Rio sells three slices of cheese with holes in hearts for almost R$10 and generates revolt on the internet | Rio de Janeiro

A publication generated outrage on social networks by showing that a supermarket on the SuperPrix network offered its customers a tray with three slices of cheesefull of heart shaped holesfor almost BRL 10.

In the post, made this Friday (17), there were several people making fun with the situation, while others questioned the product. Among the comments, one of the main complaints was the fact that the kilo of the item was equal to the kilo of the whole piece, even though most of the cheese was missing.

“How can I leave less cheese on the tray and the price remain high? Oh I know… it makes some hearts. People are silly and will buy because they think it’s cute”. a woman.

SuperPrix sells cheese with holes in the heart and generates revolt on social networks — Photo: Reproduction / Social networks

“Oh, how romantic. Pay almost ten reais to eat the cheese rinds!”, joked another.

“Manoooo!!!… then you put it in the hot mix and melts the love 👌🤣”, joked a man.

“The slices were visibly used for something else and repurposed for sale. Stick face”, complained another person.

Sought by the report, the SuperPrix network has not yet commented on the complaints.

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