Market is criticized for selling 3 slices of cheese with holes for R$10

Outraged netizens took to social media today to criticize a SuperPrix supermarket in Rio de Janeiro for selling three slices of cheese with the brains cut into heart shapes for R$9.36.

The images circulated on both Twitter and Facebook and caused indignation from the population on both social networks. The product’s labeling describes the item as “Victoria spherical cheese”, with a cost of R$ 71.99 per kilo, and points to the weight of about 130 grams of the item in the styrofoam tray.

“The rich child takes a little cheese heart to the snack, the poor one eats the leftovers, the miserable ones die of hunger”, wrote an internet user.

“I’m amazed at this price there,” one man said in the publication’s comments.

Opposition senator Humberto Costa (PT-PE) showed indignation, called the product “leftover cheese” and criticized the government of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL).

“Mercy, my people. They’re selling CARCASS of cheese at 10 ‘reau'”, said another internet user.

“SuperPrix market, in RJ, sells tray with three slices of cheese, full of holes in the shape of hearts, for almost R$ 10. In addition to calling customers a sucker, it is very cynicism and cruelty to the misery that spreads among Brazilians,” said Simão Pedro, a former state deputy from São Paulo.

Facebook page also published the sale of cheese - Reproduction/Facebook - Reproduction/Facebook

Facebook page also published the sale of the cheese

Image: Playback/Facebook

In the comments of the post on Facebook, netizens also shared their anger over the case.

“How can I leave less cheese on the tray and the price remains high? Ah, I know… It makes some hearts. People are silly and will buy because they think it’s ‘cute’. , wrote one.

Other netizens made fun of the sale of the product. “With this price the supermarket has no heart,” he commented. “More love, less cheese,” wrote another. “Then you buy the cheese hearts on the other tray,” said a third.

O UOL tries to contact the SuperPrix Supermarkets Network to comment on the case. The note will be updated in case of return.

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