Meet the 10 companies that most depreciated in 2022

Some companies lost in market value. Find out which ones and check out investment tips prepared by experts.

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Faced with the uncertainties of the economic scenario and the rising interest rate, there was a movement to withdraw investments from the stock exchanges to bet on fixed income, which is advised in times of crisis like the current one. As a result, some shares of Brazilian companies have suffered a sharp drop in recent months.

The 10 companies that most depreciated in 2022

A survey carried out by Economatica, a stock and fund consultant, pointed out the 10 companies most impacted by the withdrawal of shares that lost market value in the last year. Look.

  • Banco Inter (-59.01%);
  • Magazine Luiza (-50.28%);
  • Embraer (-47.70%);
  • Locaweb (-46.12%);
  • Méliuz (-44.12%);
  • Espadrilles (-43.48%);
  • Via (-40.38%);
  • Americans (-40.26%);
  • Hapvida (-38.92%);
  • BRF (32.50%).

Retailers are most impacted

Companies such as Magazine Luiza, Americanas, Alpargatas and Via are active in the retail sector and suffer the greatest impact. With regard to investments, they should be avoided in scenarios of economic crisis.

Retailers are directly impacted by inflation, as the loss of consumer purchasing power makes it more difficult to pass on the increase in prices. According to experts, the assets directed to these companies suffer a lot because consumption is lower.

In addition, competition in the retail sector has increased due to the arrival of Chinese platforms, AliExpress and Shopee, in Brazil.

What do analysts say?

According to analysts, rising interest rates are the main factor influencing the fall in shares. The last rate disclosed was 13.25%, the highest level in 6 years. Given this reality, the outlook for the coming months is not positive.

Technology companies such as Banco Inter, Méliuz and Locaweb have only recently joined the Stock Exchange, which is why they need more time to generate better results. They are in a phase of accelerated growth, analysts say.

Also according to them, investors end up taking their assets from companies that represent uncertainties to invest in institutions with greater stability. This movement has been taking place since the end of 2021.

Some other companies should be avoided at this time, among them is Hapvida, the largest in the health sector in the country. This company was affected by the waves of Covid-19, which impacted its results. The company, as it is overvalued, has a chance of greater declines.

In January, for example, Hapvida’s share price was R$10.05 and now it has dropped to R$5.85.

In this sense, it is recommended that investors study the fundamentals of companies and analyze the pros and cons.

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