Meme man ‘laughing nervously’ meets ex-BBB Lucas in SP: ‘He is my virtual grandson’ | Sao Paulo

Former BBB Lucas Bissoli published this Friday (17) photos and videos of the meeting he had with András Arató, 76-year-old Hungarian man who became a global meme after a photo shoot for an image bank (see below).

The two met at a hotel in São Paulo, where Arató stayed for a week for an advertising campaign on the GSK platform.

In the video, Lucas recognizes the similarity between the two, which was widely commented on social media while participating in Big Brother Brasil. At the time, several memes comparing Bissoli and Arató went viral.

“Are you my father? I’m thinking I have a foot in Hungary. I must have a family there,” he said.

Arató said: “I’m very happy. He’s my virtual grandson.”

Lucas Bissoli and András Arató — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Last week, Arató had announced that he was going to Brazil on his Facebook page. On Thursday (16), the gloral meme posted photos of tourist attractions in São Paulo, such as stadiums Pacaembu and Allianz Parque, in Ibirapuera Park and even in a typical Brazilian bar having a beer.

“Difficult days in São Paulo”, he wrote in the photo with the glass of beer.

Man in the meme ‘laughing nervously’ drinking beer in a bar in São Paulo — Photo: Reproduction/Facebook

Arató, who before his fame was an electrical engineer, now travels the world, gives lectures, and even has music in his honorcomposed by the Hungarian band Cloud 9+.

In an interview with the British newspaper ‘The Guardian’, he told that, in just one year, he traveled more than 20 times to appear on TV shows or participate in events.

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Man behind 'laughing nervously' meme visits São Paulo

Man behind ‘laughing nervously’ meme visits São Paulo

András Arató at Ibirapuera Park, in São Paulo — Photo: Reproduction/Facebook

András Arató, a man who became famous for the ‘laughing nervously’ meme — Photo: Reproduction/Facebook

In the same interview with “The Guardian”, Arató said that it all started with a photo shoot for an image bank.

The electrical engineer was invited to pose for photos and participated in sessions for more than two years, in different situations. The Hungarian’s smile, which can give the impression that he is trying to pretend to be happy, has become a joke on the internet and, since 2010, has been a popular meme around the world.

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