Millionaire dispute over building involves shack with TCDF counselor

A turbulent negotiation over the settlement of a bank loan ended up in court and involved a member of the Federal District Court of Auditors (TCDF).

The family of Milton Luiz de Amorim, owner of the Hotel Fazenda Planalto, took out a R$700,000 loan from Banco Bradesco, and placed a building located in Sobradinho, valued at nearly R$4 million, as collateral for the deal.

As the owner of the establishment was unable to pay the debt, the financial institution threatened to take the property to auction, and the family rushed to prevent it. An action was filed in order to try to suspend the sale.

Upon obtaining guardianship and paying off the amount, Milton turned to retired delegate Márcio Michel, current counselor at the Court of Auditors, to help with the cost. The two families were very friendly.

The farm hotel owner had been a donor to the two campaigns of the also known Dr. Michel to the DF Legislative Chamber (CLDF). Before being a counselor, the delegate was a district deputy.

Immediately after accepting to pay the amount due, the counselor joined the process as an interested third party and now requires ownership of the property. He uses as an argument the fact that he was responsible for the discharge transfers.

The family, however, struggles to convince the Judiciary that the counselor would be receiving an asset valued at almost R$ 4 million, but for the amount of about R$ 600 thousand, which is the amount of the transfer made by him.

The shack between the former friends has been running for at least 6 years in the Court of Justice of the Federal District and Territories (TJDFT), and had a favorable nod to the TCDF counselor.

In recent days, of the three judges of the Fourth Civil Class, two of them followed the understanding of Márcio Michel, and only the rapporteur accepted the family’s argument. The former delegate had lost in the previous instance.

The process already reaches 590 pages and promises to yield even more chapters. The farm hotel’s lawyer, Nayane Barreto – who is Milton Luiz’s daughter – announced that she will appeal.

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