model recovers in another hospital in Turkey

Brazilian model Jennifer Pamplona returned to comment on the mistreatment suffered after undergoing plastic surgery in Turkey. She reported to splash a conversation with the doctor responsible for the procedures that took place yesterday.

“[O médico] got scared by the media and decided to answer me. He asked not to leave Turkey before I see him, prescribed medicine that he didn’t prescribe before,” Jennifer said of the dialogue.

The Brazilian says that the professional showed concern after the publication of the photos in which she appears with her face bruised after undergoing plastic surgery in Istanbul, an important Turkish city.

He called me to see him, but I don’t trust him anymore. I am admitted to another hospital in the country, where I am recovering.
Jennifer Pamplona

The model, who lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, says she will remain in Turkey focused on her recovery. Jennifer requested the money back, but did not reveal the amount invested in the surgeries.

The Brazilian was in the country to carry out a campaign and sought out the specialist “Hollywood makeover“, known for performing aesthetic procedures on international artists.

“It was a real horror movie. I had the surgery and suffered several mistreatment in the hospital. I screamed in pain, asked them to clean me, give me medicine and begged for food”, he said about the postoperative period.

Jennifer Pamplona reported post-op in Turkey - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram
Image: Playback/Instagram
Jennifer Pamplona vented about treatment at a clinic - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram
Image: Playback/Instagram

Jennifer Pamplona remembers staying for two days in the hospital where she performed the procedures. She returned to the clinic for corrections and further surgeries, but was not allowed to remain in place and recover from the interventions.

“The doctor noticed that I had a bruise on the right side of my face and was trying to move it with a knife. I wanted to remove it without surgery. He would poke and scream if I said anything. I just asked to get out of there alive,” he added.

Who is Jennifer Pamplona?

Jennifer Pamplona was once known by the Brazilian media as “Susi Humana”, and was nicknamed by international tabloids as “Kim Kardashian of Brazil”. Before the last procedures, she had already invested more than R$ 3.5 million in 30 plastic surgeries.

“I’m not accepting of getting old, that’s the truth”, he told the UOL in September last year. “And I also use plastic surgery to show up, it’s an investment. That way, people will notice me.”

Before that, she already lived for a while in the United States, and moved to Dubai in early 2020. The trip was just to visit her then fiance, a great businessman. To avoid travel because of covid-19, she ended up staying there and getting married.

Jennifer has had several surgeries. She changed the breast silicone three times, had liposuction and removed the double chin. “I move my face all the time. I’ve moved my butt more than eight times. The only thing I don’t do is intimate surgery, there I prefer not to move”.

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