Mothers of autistic children demonstrate in front of Unimed

They want to charge the continuity of their children’s therapies, which are suspended due to the health plan operator’s default with the accredited clinics

Mothers of autistic children will meet in front of the administrative headquarters of Unimed Fama, this Monday, 20, from 9 am, to demand the continuity of their children’s therapies, which are suspended due to the delinquency of the insurance plan operator. health with accredited clinics.

According to lawyer Yonara Varela, one of the organizers of the movement, Unimed has been neglecting the payment of clinics specialized in early intervention since the beginning of the year, which led companies to suspend care, including patients with a court decision determining that Unimed provides the treatment as prescribed in the medical report.

“This suspension has been occurring since the beginning of the year in a partial or total way for some patients. In others, families have already received notice of probable suspension of other services due to the lack of payment of the clinics. We continue to pay the monthly fees of the health plan normally, but Unimed Fama has not honored the contract with the accredited companies”, he explained.

According to the lawyer, who has an autistic child, the act will be peaceful, with the objective of collecting payment of debts in arrears and return of the children’s therapies, which are essential to stimulate the development and autonomy of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder ( TEA).

“We ask whoever wants to, not only mothers, even if they do not fit into the situation we are facing, come so that Unimed is aware that we will not accept this neglect and damage to our children”, he said.

Unimed Fama is located at Rua Souza Júnior, 600, in the São Francisco neighborhood.


Folha’s report contacted Unimed and awaits a return

Yonara Varela, one of the organizers of the demonstration

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