Náutico x Sport: see where to watch live, lineups, embezzlement and refereeing | Brazilian series b

Náutico and Sport face each other at 6:30 pm this Saturday, at Aflitos, for the 13th round of the Brazilian Series B. It is the first Classic of the Classics in the competition in over a decade. In this reunion, the ge accompanies the live and in real timewith videos of the main bids.

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Náutico is in the relegation zone, with 12 points and in 17th place, needing a victory to leave the Z-4 ​​of Série B. More than that: coach Roberto Fernandes is under pressure for results at the club. Timbu also wants to break the record of the year, in which they still haven’t managed to beat their rival. In two games against Leão, there were two defeats – 3 to 2 in the Northeast Cup and 2 to 1 in Pernambucano.

Sport, on the other hand, entered the round within the G-4 of the championship. And they need the win to stay in the fierce fight for the classification zone. At Rubro-negro, coach Gilmar Dal Pozzo also works under pressure – being charged for an improvement in the team’s performance.

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Streaming: the game is broadcast on SporTV, with narration by Natalia Lara, and comments by Cabral Neto, Fernanda Colombo and PVC.

Real time: you follow all the bids live on ge (click here to follow live game)

Last Náutico x Sport classic in national competition turns 10 years old

Last Náutico x Sport classic in national competition turns 10 years old

Nautical – Coach: Roberto Fernandes

Náutico has three certain changes in relation to the last game, against Sampaio Corrêa. The right-back Victor Ferraz has recovered from muscle pain and returns to the team in the vacancy of Thássio. Carlão should take the place of the expelled Wellington, while Richard Franco returns from suspension and will start again.

During the week, coach Roberto Fernandes opened training and outlined a lineup with forwards Kieza and Robinho as starters, however, the coach has a reputation for losing the opponent before important matches. Therefore, the formation that goes to the field in the classic becomes unpredictable.

Varying in the formation with two or three midfielders in the last matches, the coach can opt for a more cautious team against Sport, putting the midfielder Ralph, or a more offensive strategy, opting for the forward Robinho.

Lucas Perri, from Náutico, wants to win his first classic against Sport

Lucas Perri, from Náutico, wants to win his first classic against Sport

Likely lineup: Lucas Perri; Victor Ferraz, Carlão, Bruno Bispo and Júnior Tavares; Ralph (Robinho), Rhaldney and Richard Franco; Jean Carlos, Pedro Vítor and Amarildo (Kieza).

  • Who is out: Hereda (meniscus tear), Bryan (knee tear), Luis Phelipe (thigh tear), Léo Passos (knee ligament tear) and Wellington (suspended)
  • hanging: Carlão, Luis Phelipe, Jean Carlos and Pedro Vítor

Probable Nautical vs Sport — Photo: Arte/ge

Sport – Coach: Gilmar Dal Pozzo

Dal Pozzo found the best formation in the midfield, with midfielder Fabinho and midfielder Giovanni – highlights in Leão’s last matches. The attack, however, remains under modifications. The main doubt is in the starting striker, Parraguez or Kayke. At the ends, Luciano Juba has a guaranteed presence – and the opposite side is disputed by Jaderson and Ray Vanegas.

Goalkeeper Carlos Eduardo and midfielder Pedro Naressi are back from suspension, but they weren’t starting. The midfielder William Oliveira is also available again, since he participated in training after the period away due to knee pain. The Lion also tries to return the right-back Ewerthon.

Sport's Mailson wants to maintain a favorable record against Náutico

Sport’s Mailson wants to maintain a favorable record against Náutico

Likely lineup: Mailson; Ezequiel (Ewerthon), Thyere, Sabino and Sander; Fabinho, Bruno Matias and Giovanni; Jaderson (Ray Vanegas), Luciano Juba and Parraguez (Kayke).

  • Who is out: midfielder Denner, due to pubalgia
  • hanging: defender Rafael Thyere, right-back Ezequiel, midfielders Ronaldo and Wiliam Oliveira, midfielder Giovanni, and forwards Bill, Ray Vanegas and Luciano Juba.

Probable lineup of Sport against Náutico — Photo: ge

  • Referee: Wagner do Nascimento Magalhaes (FIFA)/RJ
  • Assistant Referee 1: Thiago Henrique Neto Correa Farinha (RJ)
  • Assistant Referee 2: Daniel do Espirito Santo Parro (RJ)
  • Video Referee: Rodrigo Nunes de Sa (VAR-FIFA)/RJ
  • AVAR: Carlos Henrique Cardoso de Souza (RJ)
  • VAR Observer: Erich Bandeira (PE)

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