Nicole Bahls does not shut up, exposes an unusual situation at the time of sex and recalls: “I crossed my eyes”


The famous didn’t speak up and revealed some unusual backstage

Reproduction/Official Nicole Bahls Instagram - Nicole poses for social media.
Reproduction/Official Nicole Bahls Instagram – Nicole poses for social media.

Nicole Mariana Bahls, better known simply as Nicole Bahls, is a Brazilian model, presenter and actress. The famous began to gain national recognition by participating in the contest “Musa do brasileirão” in 2007, which she won. However, it was only in 2009 when she composed the Panicats cast from the TV show Panicthat the muse gained even more fame in the country.

During her participation in the podcast “Talking Parrot”, the model decided to open the game about some intimate moments and gave some details about when she tried to have an *l sex. She says that at the time she ‘almost fainted’ because of the pain she felt.

“I leave it to other people to do it. It hurts a lot. I’ve tried, I got cross-eyed, I almost fainted and called the ambulance. It’s not for me, no. They (other people) have her talent, and I have mine ahead”she fired.

During the conversation, Nicole also briefly commented on the affair she had with Neymar, number 10 of the Brazilian football team. “He’s very nice, he smells good, I ended up kissing him”, she said. Currently, the model is in a relationship with Marcelo Viana.

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