Pabllo Vittar stacks hits in micareta before the Parade – 06/18/2022 – Illustrated

After three years away from the electric trios because of the Covid-19 pandemic, Pabllo Vittar dragged about 20 thousand revelers through the Anhembi Sambadrome on Friday night (18) during Micareta São Paulo.

Before starting the presentation, the drag queen, who is also one of the main names of the LGBT Parade, scheduled for Sunday (19), told the report that she sees Pride Month both as a platform for reflections and political claims, but also as an escape valve against the difficulties that cross the life of the community.

“These events represent the celebration of our lives, not only ours, which are here, but remembering those who unfortunately are no longer and not letting these names or these voices be silenced. This month, especially this year, we have to celebrate our lives, after Covid and the violence we suffered in Brazil”, said Vittar.

“We have to think about our claims and our common enemies, but also about our differences, because there are several letters, LGBTQIA+, each with their own issues,” added Urias, who performed with Vittar. “We need to think about how to organize ourselves towards a common goal, in addition to celebrating that we are alive, which is already revolutionary, although it doesn’t seem like it.”

Unlike Lollapalloza, in which he displayed a towel with Lula’s face and made an “L” with his hands in support of the PT, or Primavera Sound, in which he raised a PT flag, Vittar played a more centered on the party atmosphere and put aside the political fervor, as did Ludmilla, who performed before her.

It’s not that Vittar, one of the main participants in Lula’s jingle, avoided speaking out. The audience, made up mostly of gay men, seemed more into partying.

When the electric trio was getting ready to park and the performance was coming to an end, around 11 pm, Vittar even shouted that it was “Lula 2022”, but there was barely time for a political choir to form when everyone was already singing in full swing. lungs “Congratulations”, one of his main hits, recorded with Psirico.

The same happened with almost all the songs that he presented, from the oldest, such as “Vai Passar Mal”, one of the first hits of his career, to the most recent bets, such as “Triste com T” and “Zap Zum”, by ” Batidão Tropical”, her latest album, or even “Fun Tonight”, a forrozão that she recorded with Lady Gaga in a remix album released by the American singer with guests.

The atmosphere was the same as on Thursday (16), when Micareta hosted shows by Daniela Mercury, Luísa Sonza and Ivete Sangalo. It was as if, for a few hours, the public allowed itself to forget about the future of the country, leaving aside the choruses of “outside, Bolsonaro” that became the tonic of shows throughout Brazil, to worry only about having fun.

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