Palmeiras repudiates Jorginho’s “xenophobic manifestations” about Abel Ferreira

After the 4-2 victory against Atlético-GOthis Thursday, the coach of the palm trees, Abel Ferreira, was the target of harsh criticism from the opposing coach, former side Jorginho. The commander of the Dragon shot the Portuguese for “disrespecting” Brazil. On social networks, Alviverde published an official note repudiating the lines to which it attributed a xenophobic nature.

Jorginho complained about the behavior of Abel Ferreira and his commission and protested the lack of punishment to the Palmeirense commander, who, according to him, lacked respect for the referee and Brazil.

“I revolt as a coach, Brazilian, (Abel) comes to our country and is disrespecting our country. He called (the referee) blind and nothing happened. He lost, it’s the loser’s cry, but I want to leave my protest”, he said after report complaints that, according to him, deserved reprisals from the referee.

In a note on social networks, Verdão highlighted the immigrant roots of the club to respond not only to the coach of Atlético-GO but to other similar statements received by Abel Ferreira.

“Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras strongly repudiates the xenophobic manifestations that have been constantly addressed to our technical committee. We were born at the hands of immigrants who not only founded one of the most successful clubs in the world, but also contributed to the formation of Brazilian society and of national identity. Our 107-year history was built by players, professionals and fans of different nationalities and ethnicities, without distinction. Therefore, we do not tolerate prejudiced statements that incite an aversion to foreigners. Our lawns are not fiefdoms reserved for people of a country. On the contrary, in them there is space for everyone who has the will and ability to improve Brazilian football”, he published.

Recently, Abel Ferreira confessor feel persecuted by arbitration. In a press conference after the match against Atlético-MGthe Portuguese revealed that he received a card for just saying “it’s a foul” after a tackle and, from that, he said he starts to suspect an alleged persecution.

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