PF arrests third suspect in the murder of Bruno and Dom – 06/18/2022 – Poder

The Federal Police arrested on Saturday morning (18) another suspect of having participated in the murder of indigenist Bruno Pereira, 41, and British journalist Dom Phillips, 57.

Jefferson da Silva Lima, who has the nickname Pelado da Dinha, is the third investigated arrested in the case.

According to the PF, Jefferson was on the run and surrendered to the Atalaia do Norte Police Station. He will be questioned and referred to a custody hearing.

Two men were already in detention for the death of Bruno and Dom: Amarildo Oliveira, known as Pelado, and his brother, Oseney de Oliveira, known as Dos Santos.

Pelado testified on Tuesday (14) and confessed to having participated in the death of the indigenist and the journalist, according to the police. On Wednesday (15), he took investigators to the crime scene. Two bodies were found in the region.

The expertise has already concluded, this Friday, that one of them is from Dom and is awaiting analysis of Bruno’s genetic material to be able to confirm if the other is his.

THE Sheet found that Pelado changed his version of events. At first, he named two people as the perpetrators of the murder and said he had participated in the concealment of the bodies. Now, he claims that he also carried out the shots at Bruno and Dom.

In this second statement, Pelado claimed to have joined up with Jefferson, with whom he followed the pair’s boat and fired a shotgun.

Sources interviewed by the report say that the confession was only made by Pelado. Dos Santos said he had no role in the murder. Pelado also denies that his brother acted in the case.

Police are still investigating the motive for the crime. as showed the Sheetinvestigators working on the case have privately stated that the evidence and evidence to date supports the hypothesis that illegal fishing and hunting activities in the region are the background to the case.

“The investigations also point out that the executioners acted alone, with no mastermind or criminal organization behind the crime,” the PF said in a statement.

The statement outraged Univaja (Union of Indigenous Peoples of Vale do Javari), which claims that the PF ignored the complaints made by them. On unpaid leave at Funai, Pereira worked as a promoter of indigenous surveillance at the institution.

“The refinement of cruelty used in the crime shows that Pereira and Phillips were on the path of a powerful criminal organization that tried at all costs to hide its tracks during the investigation,” said the indigenous entity.

“The PF disregards the qualified information, offered by Univaja in numerous letters, since the second half of 2021 […] These documents point to the existence of an organized criminal group acting in the constant invasions of the Vale do Javari indigenous land, of which Pelado and Dos Santos are part,” he added.

Univaja also alleges that the criminal group is made up of professional hunters and fishermen and was described in documents sent to the Federal Public Ministry, the PF itself and Funai.

Federal police are also looking for ways to find the boat that was used by Bruno and Dom. The vessel was sunk with bags of earth, according to the PF.

In a note this Thursday, the PF said that the vessel had not yet been found, “despite exhaustive searches” carried out in the area indicated by the arrested fisherman.

After saying that the duo was an “unrecommended adventure” through Vale do Javari, President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) wished, last Thursday (16), feelings and comforts to the families of the two.

“Our condolences to the families and may God comfort everyone’s hearts,” he wrote on Twitter, responding to a note of condolence for the death of the duo published by Funai.

It was Bolsonaro’s first statement after the PF released that Pelado had confessed to murdering Bruno and Dom. Before, when he commented on the case, on several occasions the president minimized the disappearance of the two in Amazonas.

Justice Minister Anderson Torres called the probable murder a “cruel crime” and “a madness”.

Bolsonaro was criticized by Bruno Pereira in a telephone interview with Sheet ​in the middle of April, about a month and a half before the fateful Sunday (5) when he disappeared.

“The president did not demarcate an inch as he promised. The president of Funai, the [Marcelo] Xavier, you’re there for that. It is the management of chaos. I do not know [suspiro]. Difficult, tiring, dangerous. Let’s go,” he replied in the conversation.

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