Porsche seized with loan shark sergeant becomes PCDF vehicle

The million-dollar loan sharking, extortion and money laundering scheme, led by Sergeant of the Military Police of the DF (PMDF) Ronie Peter Fernandes da Silva and his brother, businessman Thiago Fernandes da Silva, provided criminals with a lot of luxury. Among the treats, super sports cars. After Operation Malibu, the Civil Police of the Federal District (PCDF) requested the provisional characterization of vehicles for display in educational actions to repress organized crime.

During the investigations, at the request of the Division for Repression of Robbery and Theft (DRF), of the Coordination for Repression of Property Crimes (Corpatri), the Águas Claras Criminal Court ordered the kidnapping of two Porsche vehicles, 911 Carrera models, years 2020 and 2021, valued at BRL 2 million.

After the confiscation of the goods, the Civil Police requested the provisional characterization of the vehicles. The super sports car will also be displayed at fairs and occasional actions, and will not be used in routine police actions, drastically reducing maintenance costs.

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pedagogical purpose

In the decision, Judge Paulo Afonso Correia Lima Siqueira stated that the measure, in addition to the pedagogical and advertising purpose, aims to preserve the good, considering the value of the vehicle. The 911 Carrera model has 385hp and does 0-100km/h in 4.2 seconds.

According to the director of the DRF and responsible for the investigations, delegate Fernando Cocito, the pedagogical use of special vehicles brings the police closer to the population and shows that the corporation is attentive to laundering crimes and the importance of seeking to financially derail criminal groups. “The car will be exclusively used in exhibitions to reiterate police action against money laundering crimes,” he said.

Luxury life

The life that Sergeant Ronie Peter Fernandes led before being arrested is worthy of movie screens. Suspected of leading a gang of loan sharks, as revealed by the metropolisesthe PM lived in mansions, had a collection of luxury cars and constantly took trips to paradisiacal beaches.

The entire ostentation routine was shared on social media. Despite the PM’s paycheck indicating salaries of BRL 8,000, the sergeant accumulated more than BRL 8 million in bank accounts with the criminal practice.

The operation

During the action to dismantle the criminal organization, DRF investigators carried out search and seizure warrants in two mansions owned by the police officer’s family. According to investigations, the military acted together with his brother, Thiago Fernandes, who also became a defendant. The properties are located in Vicente Pires, where the arrests took place.

In a video posted by Ronie on Instagram, it is possible to see one of the houses, which has a pool, leisure area, barbecue, air-conditioned environments and a garage full of imported cars.

See the sergeant’s house:

SOS Malibu

The million-dollar loan sharking, extortion and money laundering scheme was dismantled in an operation launched by the PCDF, which served 15 search warrants and 7 arrest warrants in Vicente Pires, Taguatinga and São Paulo. The operation was named after the brothers’ car dealership.

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Those who did not pay the installments on time became the target of violent threats. During collections, in addition to coercing the victims, the group took vehicles and demanded the transfer of property from the indebted. The investigation also showed that the values ​​of loan sharking were hidden through the purchase of luxury vehicles registered in the name of third parties, in addition to the use of shell companies.

Money laundry

According to DRF investigations, in the last two years, the criminal organization bought eight Porsche brand vehicles, with a unit value close to R$ 1 million, and, in the last six months, handled more than R$ 8 million, distributed in seven bank accounts.

Three Porsche vehicles and a BMW X4 vehicle were seized during the operation. The cars are valued at R$ 3 million. The seven bank accounts of individuals and companies were also blocked, with the kidnapping of the R$ 8 million invoiced with the scheme.

The criminal gear was highly profitable and demanded looting in kind of millionaire amounts. In a controlled action communicated to the Justice, teams of DRF police monitored two millionaire withdrawals that took place in bank branches in the DF, totaling R$ 800 thousand and R$ 530 thousand.

structured organization

The investigations conducted by the PCDF showed how the structure of the criminal organization worked. The scheme was hierarchical and there was division of tasks. In the chain of command there were the brothers Ronie and Tiago, who lent the values ​​and collected the indebted ones, through a serious threat. The PMDF sergeant was still responsible for the acquisition of luxury vehicles.

Five financial operators of the group were also arrested in the operation, responsible for the concealment, that is, for the sequence of transactions and withdrawals from the accounts of shell companies, which aimed to give a lawful appearance to the amounts invoiced with the loan shark. Three of them were also responsible for hiding the money, as they gave their names to the registration of luxury vehicles, whose real owner was Sergeant Ronie.

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